The First Representative of PUBG Mobile Vietnam at SEA Games 32: D’Xavier

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Recently, the first squad to wear for the Vietnamese team to attend the 32nd SEA Games was announced. Based on their achievements, D’Xavier will be one of the two teams to be summoned and compete at SEA Games 32. Thus, this will be the first name to appear in the PUBG Mobile team content of SEA Games 32 thanks to the outstanding achievements in 2022.

SEA Games

The Southeast Asian Games, also known as SEA Games, is a multi-sport event that takes place every two years. In the upcoming 32nd SEA Games, which will be held in Vietnam, PUBG Mobile has been included as an official sport for the first time. This means that players from different countries in Southeast Asia will compete against each other in PUBG Mobile. In this event, Vietnam has chosen D’Xavier as their first representative for PUBG Mobile. 

PUBG Mobile at SEA Games 32

PUBG Mobile will be one of the six medal competitions at SEA Games 32. This is also the second time in a row that PUBG Mobile has become an official competition at the congress. At SEA Games 2, PUBG Mobile will contribute 2 medal content including: team and individual. For the team event, each country will select 2 representatives to attend.

D’Xavier competes in PUBG Mobile at SEA Games 32

D’Xavier was established in 2019, D’Xavier is the most successful team of PUBG Mobile Vietnam in the past 1 year. Accordingly, D’Xavier has won the domestic championship twice, won the title of SEA Championship Spring 2022 (Southeast Asia), the runner-up in the PMGC 2021 world final in the East region, the 5th place in the world PMGC 2021, brought home 1 individual gold medal and 1 team silver medal at SEA Games 31, participated in the PMGC 2022 group stage and 1 gold medal at the 2022 Global E-Sports Championship – Global Esports Games 2022 (GEG 2022).

PUBG Mobile team and players

The D’Xavier squad has many players with the best experience and skills in Vietnam. With a stable performance in 2022, it is understandable that D’Xavier was selected to attend the 32nd SEA Games.

Domestic arena

In the domestic arena, D’Xavier was also crowned 1st place in PUBG Mobile Pro League – Vietnam Fall 2022. In the Spring tournament, they also finished in 2nd place and only lost to BOX Gaming.

Based on the performance in 2022, the first representative of PUBG Mobile Vietnam at SEA Games 32 will be D’Xavier. The remaining ticket to Cambodia will be for the PMPL Vietnam champion Spring 2023. Accompanying D’Xavier in the PUBG Mobile content at SEA Games 32 will be the PMPL VN champion team in Spring 2023. D’Xavier shared: “Being a member of the Vietnamese national team is a very proud thing. D’Xavier team will try to devote all their best to bring home a medal for the Vietnamese team at the tournament. The upcoming Sea Games 32”.

The National E-Sports Coaching Council will base on the results of the Vietnam PMPL Spring 2023 tournament to select athletes to form the PUBG Mobile National Team to attend the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia and IESF World Esports Championships 2023 in Romania. Athletes who can perform excellently when participating in the selection round have the opportunity to participate as representatives of the National Team.

In the event that D’Xavier wins the Vietnam PMPL championship in the spring of 2023, the place to attend the 32nd SEA Games will belong to the team that won the runner-up of the tournament.

Esports at SEA Games 32

PUBG Mobile team and players

The 32nd SEA Games taking place in Cambodia is the 2nd Congress, Esports content is counted as a medal competitive sport. 9 competitions are selected in 6 subjects including Attack Online 2, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, League of Legends, VALORANT and Raid. The Vietnamese delegation announced that it will attend the maximum of Esports content according to the regulations of the BTC, i.e. 7 out of 9 content.

E-sports at the 32nd SEA Games will take place from May 4 to May 16 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. According to the regulations of the 32nd SEA Games Organizing Committee, each country can only register up to 7/9 content according to the published list. As expected, at SEA Games 32, the Vietnamese e-Sports delegation will compete in 7 competitions at SEA Games 32 including PUBG Mobile (individual and team), Wild Rift (teammate), VALORANT (co-op). team), Raid (teammate), Mobile Leader: Bang bang (male teammate and female teammate).

Previously, e-sports at the 31st SEA Games, held in Vietnam, had 8 subjects with 10 competition contents corresponding to 10 sets of medals. Participating countries can register to participate in the entire event. With the achievement of 4 gold medals and 3 silver medals, Vietnam ranked first in the whole delegation.

D’Xavier’s lineup

PUBG Mobile team and players

Established in 2019, D’Xavier is the PUBG Mobile team with the leading track record in Vietnam with a series of titles. Vicoi and his teammates have owned a huge set of achievements in 2022, typically with the PMPL Vietnam Fall 2022 championship, the PMPL SEA Spring 2022 championship, the Gold medal at the Global Esports Games 2022, the 31st SEA Games gold medal (individual) and 31st SEA Games silver medal (teammate).

The current D’Xavier lineup consists of 6 members:

  • Dinh Duong “Rabiz” Thanh (captain)
  • Phan Van “Vicoi” Dong
  • Mac “Franky” Anh Hao
  • Vu Hoang “Lamborghini” Hung
  • Chu Trung “Tduc” Duc
  • Ngo Dinh “ChuaGH” Quang Anh
  • Coach Nguyen Xuan “Ge” Tuan

D’Xavier’s selection as the first representative of PUBG Mobile Vietnam at SEA Games 32 is a significant milestone for the team and the Vietnamese gaming community. I believe they will bring exceptional skills and experience to the table. 

We wish D’Xavier all the best in the upcoming SEA Games, and we hope that the team will be proud and bring home the gold medal. The selection also highlights the growing popularity of esports in Vietnam and the Southeast Asian region, and we let’s look forward to seeing more players and teams from the region competing at the highest level.