Team Queso: From Tickets to the World Finals (PMCO Berlin 2019) to Pro League Champions

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PMCO PRELIMS 2019 has ended with 5 tickets for the best teams representing the PUBG Mobile World Finals 2019 (PMCO Berlin 2019) – one of the most anticipated tournaments of the PUBG Mobile community in the world. 

Only a few days left, the most awaited PUBG Mobile tournament on the planet will kick off. Specifically, the PUBG Mobile World Finals 2019 (PMCO Berlin 2019) will take place in 3 days from July 28 to July 30. The hot atmosphere of the global PUBG Mobile festival was warmed up by the PMCO PRELIMS 2019 tournament – the tournament to determine the last 5 names that will come to Berlin this July.

After two dramatic days of PMCO PRELIMS 2019 finally 5 excellent teams:

  • Purple Mood E-Sport
  • X-Quest F
  • Team Queso
  • TOP Esports
  • All Rejection Gaming

These 5 teams already own the final tickets to the PUBG Mobile World Spring 2019 Finals (PMCO Berlin 2019). Except for Purple Mood Esports in the same SEA region and participating in many previous tournaments, the rest are all quite new names.

Team Queso wins tickets to PMCO Berlin 2019

PUBG Mobile team and players

Team Queso PUBG Mobile is a team that was established in March 2019 and this is the 2nd international tournament they attended, but the members of Team Queso did a great job with the task set out – reaching the Finals PUBG Mobile 2019 World. Being the 3rd ranked team with a total score of 203 is also a good number to see the level of these guys.

Team Queso wins the PUBG Mobile Pro League Americas group stage

Team Queso was formed as the winner of the PUBG Mobile Pro League Americas group stage and along with Loops eSports, Tempo Storm and 9 other teams, they qualified to play in the final stages of the tournament alongside the other teams PMCO ranked highest in the league (North America, South America and Brazil).

October 19, 2020 – The PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL) Americas Season 2 group stage ended with the victory going to Team Queso, a team of Argentines who scored 613 points and won $14,000 in prize money, besides one of 16th place in the finals of Pro Finals League Americas.

Brazil Loops eSports, season 1 champion, went from 6th to 2nd place, with 527 points and finished with 9 thousand dollars. Tempo Storm from the US (509 points) and Alpha 7 of Brazil (506 points) ranked 3rd and 4th respectively.

PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL) Americas Season 2

In addition to Team Queso, another 15 top teams qualified for the PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL) Americas Season 2 Finals, the tournament will also feature the top 4 teams from PUBG MOBILE OPEN CLUB in North America., Latin America and Brazil. Among the Brazilian teams classified, in addition to Loops eSports, there are B4 eSports and Alpha 7, Ace 1, Influence Rage and Brazilian Rampage.

During this period, 16 teams will compete for a $122,000 prize pool from October 21-24, as well as three slots to the PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP (PMGC), which will take place later this year.

In the group stage, G25 Gaming’s Argentina team, who was the leader for the first two weeks, finished the competition in 5th place. With the exception of Brazilian team Rampage who remained in 9th place, other Brazilian teams finished. The competition was at the bottom of the table, with Influence Rage in 15th place, BDM eSports in 18th place and INTZ in 19th place.

PUBG Mobile team and players

Team Queso was the best team in the qualifying stage. With nearly 80 points of advantage, 40 more than second place eliminated and 11 wins, the team has played consistently throughout the 52 games played, in which player Axeel is the player with the most damage (over 17,000). Loops Esports, the second-placed team in the West in the last PMWL, had a bad start to the tournament, sitting sadly in the middle of the table and going without a win until last week. But in the last week, with three wins and 101 kills, the team ramped up production and secured a spot in the finals.

Team Queso’s Success Factors

Team Queso’s success in PUBG Mobile can be attributed to several factors. One of the key factors is the team’s strong teamwork and communication. The players work together seamlessly, communicating effectively and supporting each other during matches.

PUBG Mobile team and players

Another factor is the team’s dedication and hard work. The players and coaching staff put in countless hours of practice and preparation, analyzing gameplay and developing new strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

PUBG Mobile Pro League 

PMPL brings together the best players from North America, Brazil and Latin America to compete for a total prize pool of $200,000 and three places to attend PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP (PMGC), the highly competitive PUBG MOBILE tournament best.

PMPL airs on the official PUBG MOBILE eSports channel with Vespa as host, commentary from actors PEW3X and Reppulsor, and analysis from Khaya. Matches will run Wednesday through Saturday at 8 p.m. The contest is sponsored by Mountain Dew, a drink that brought stations into the game for players to “refresh” into the game. Let’s look forward to the exciting matches from this team!