ShineLikeDiamonds “shine” Strongly, Winning The Runner-up At PUBG Mobile Super League 2023

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PUBG Mobile Vietnam teams had a memorable journey in the Super League, especially Shine Like Diamonds when they won the right to participate in a world-class tournament for the first time.

PUBG Mobile Super League Southeast Asia Region

PUBG Mobile Super League Southeast Asia Region (PMSL SEA) is an alternative to PUBG Mobile Pro League. Teams registered to compete will grow together as official PUBG Mobile partners, having the opportunity to interact more with fans and contribute to the game’s ecosystem.

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PMSL SEA Spring 2023 will replace the PMPL SEA Championship Spring 2023 and will also be the top division of PMPL. The top PUBG Mobile Pro League teams will be promoted to PMSL, and Partnership Program teams will also have default slots in PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL), with 2 seasons in 1 year being Spring and Autumn. Based on their performance in both PMPL and PMSL seasons, teams will have the opportunity to compete in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC).

Through the cooperation between partner teams, the PUBG Mobile Partnership Program will also continue to develop the Esports ecosystem in the regions, helping to bring the sport’s e-sports to new heights.

Teams participating in the PMSL SEA Spring 2023 will be considered official PUBG Mobile partners, with many opportunities to interact with fans and improve their competitiveness. Representatives of Vietnam attending the tournament include D’Xavier, Box Gaming and Shine Like Diamond.

Split PMSL SEA Spring 2023 Week 2: Shine Like Diamond is with Box Gaming

At week 2 PMSL SEA Spring 2023, D’Xavier will be in Group A along with the top team Vampire Esports. Meanwhile, Shine Like Diamond fell into Group D, which featured Box Gaming, Persija EVOS and HAIL Esports.

Week 1 PMSL SEA Spring 2023 saw the dominance of teams from Thailand, when VPE won the top spot with 216 points. Following VPE are VOIN (203 points, Indonesia), FaZe (184, Thailand), HAIL (179, Thailand) and BAC (169, Thailand). Meanwhile, 3 representatives of Vietnam are SLD, DX and BOX ranked at 7th, 10th and 17th respectively.

Weekly Drawing Results 2

  • Group A: Vampire Esports, D’Xavier, Bigetron Red Villains, Genesis Esports
  • Group B: Voin Esports, Rex Regum Qeon, Alter Ego Ares, PlayBook Esports
  • Group C: FaZe Clan, Yoodo Alliance, Geek Slate, Don’t Break Dreams
  • Group D: HAIL Esports, Shine Like Diamond, Persija EVOS, Box Gaming
  • Group E: Bacon Time, SEM9, BOOM Esports, Team Secret

The Runner-up At PUBG Mobile Super League

With a stable performance throughout 3 weeks, the Thai representatives have led the bonus points list after the last League round. However, all 3 representatives of Vietnam, including D’Xavier, Shine Like Diamonds and BOX Gaming were in the TOP 16 of the bonus points rankings and won the right to participate in the final round called Super Weekend.

During the 3 days of competition, D’Xavier and BOX Gaming did not perform as expected and were in the bottom half of the rankings. Meanwhile, ShineLikeDiamonds played sublimely, becoming the only representative of Vietnam to have the opportunity to touch the championship.

Drama broke out in the final map, when Alter Ego, ShineLikeDiamonds, and Yall were all vying for the top spot. Yall after a subjective minute had to lie down at the hands of D’Xavier members. Meanwhile, SLD performed excellently and got the final Top 1 of the tournament.

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Closing the tournament with 158 points, ShineLikeDiamonds finished in second place overall, 3 points behind the leader Alter Ego, who had performed extremely well from the beginning of the tournament, but had to rely on a bit of luck to win the championship.

With the brilliance and winning TOP 1 in the final match, SLD rose to TOP 2 in the overall rankings and won the golden ticket to the world tournament – 2023 PMWI. This is also a very worthy achievement for SLD’s efforts.

After finishing their journey at PMSL SEA, ShineLikeDiamonds and D’Xavier will enter an equally arduous journey at SEA Games 32, where they represent Vietnam in PUBG Mobile. These are also the contents that brought home a gold medal and a silver medal for the Vietnamese sports delegation at the 31st SEA Games.