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[14 Tricks]Tips To Reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile Just In 5 Days – Complete Guide

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PUBG Mobile game has 400 million Plus Registered users which made it difficult for the users to Reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile. Lots of people struggle to reach the supreme tier(Conqueror) of the game. To reach conqueror is not an easy job but you need to follow some of the methods with steps to survive the game.

The PUBG Mobile consists of different tiers to reach conqueror you need to pass each of the tiers. It Includes tiers as follow:

  • Bronze.
  • Silver.
  • Gold.
  • Platinum.
  • Diamond.
  • Ace.
  • Conqueror.

If you want to know more about PUBG Mobile Ranking System you can check out the detailed posts.

Each of the tiers consists of five(5) Sub tiers and you need 500 points to pass a single whole tier. But to reach in conqueror you need to be sharp and quick. Because only 500 people can be promoted in the “Conqueror” of that region.

Keep in mind that the Conqueror tier depends on the Survival Timing and Kill Ratio Attributes. If you think that you are perfect with both of these attributes then you will reach Conqueror.

How to Get Conqueror in PUBG Mobile – #Method 1

  • Survival – Road To Reach Conqueror:
    Before you start to push your rank first you need to understand the PUBG Mobile Tier points. 80% points are distributed for survival instincts and 20% points are spared for the kills you do in the match. So you can see how important is the survival in the game. If you like to play a rush game than you also want to rank up in PUBG Mobile. Then you need to read this article to know the best tactics about PUBG mobile rankings. Being in the top ten 10 will help you a lot to increase your Pubg Mobile Conqueror Points.
  • Map Selection – Play Erangel or Miramar – And Try To Avoid Sanok:
    As we do know about the Sanhok Map which is the smallest map. Lots of players think and suggest to Push Rank in Sanhok as it only lasts for 20 minutes per match and it is small where chances of getting kills also increase. But it will be a mistake to Push Rank in Sanhok Map, you will able to pass some tier but you will never reach Conqueror as compared to those who play matches in Erangal and Miramar Map.  Erangal Match lasts for 34–35 mins per match and Miramar Map will last for 35-40 mins. So here you can notice that if you play Erangal or Miramar instead of Sanhok you will get more points when you survive.

    Pubg Mobile Conqueror
    Points for Conqueror Pubg Mobile

    The Players who play matches in Miramar and Erangal promotes quickly as compared to the player who plays matches in Sanhok. Keep in mind that Survival this the main purpose you need to do, Kill is just the “plus point“.

  • Play With Your Squad – Choose Wisely:
    Road to Reaching conqueror is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is hard to achieve without guidelines and tricks. The most important attribute is to survive as much as possible. Secondly Choosing a Squad is also an important factor in ranking. You need to choose a squad wisely and carefully. If you already have a squad in which you believe that you can reach Conqueror than Best of Luck.

How To Be Conqueror in Pubg Mobile – Rank PUSH [#Method 2]

  • When Push Rank – Pubg Mobile Conqueror Tips:
    Lots of Players ask when to Push Rank in PUBG Mobile? When is the best time to start pushing rank? There are lots of question players ask. But we always have one answer. Look Whenever a season ends and the new season starts the chances in Pushing also increases. Because the majority of the players are focus on the new content of that season. One Part of the players plays only to complete the Royale Pass mission. and the remaining part will try to push their rank as you do. You should start pushing your rank in the first week of the new season, as you will face fewer rush players and the competition will be so low. If you made it in the Ace in the first week you will definably reach in the conqueror.

    How to Become Conqueror in Pubg Mobile
    Reaching Conqueror in Pubg Mobile
  • Deal with Hackers – How To Get Conqueror in PUBG Mobile:
    The most difficult problem for you is to face a hacker during a Rank Push Match. But we are not going to tell you that but we will tell you what you need to do when you killed by a hacker? Recently PUBG Mobile update released in which they told that if you were killed by a hacker or you feel any suspicious activity in your enemies you can watch “Death Reply” to confirm it. After confirmation, you should report that player and we will take action against him or their squad. also, we will not deduct your Ranking Points.
  • Rush vs Survival – How to get conqueror in PUBG Mobile:
    At the start of the new season try to rush to push your rank. in lower rank you will only face newbie players so it will help you increase your Kill Ratio. Once you reach Diamond Tier than you can switch to survival. You need to move gradually to the survival instincts after clearing each tier.
    When you reach the Crown tier, you need to survive till the top 5 and must kill at least 3-4 Players. also if you kill extra you will get more points to reach conqueror in PUBG Mobile.
  • Weapon Combination – How To Reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile
    Most of the Users think we should have a sniper in Rank Pushing but we always say try to have two assault rifles. The best assault rifles are AKM + M416. Having two different Specs AR guns will help you to increase your kill ratio and survival rates. AKM can be used in Short-Mid Range while M416 can be used for Long-Range.
    You can also use AKM for Longe range but for that, you need to read our detailed articles on Control AKM Recoil and Overall PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings.
  • Duo/Squad Pushing – How To Become a Conqueror in PUBG Mobile:
    We always recommend you play rank matches in the squad, but if you don’t have any squad then you can play duo rank matches. In Duo, you also need to follow a strategy to accomplish with more kills. One of you must have a Sniper Rifle and he/she should know how to snape the enemies without being knocked. In Duo, gameplay avoids the battle in Short-Mid Range. Long-Range is perfect in duo ranking because the sniper guy deal a high damage to the enemies and the second one use the spray feature to get the knock.
  • The requirements for Conqueror – How To Reach Conqueror in PUBG:
    The title will be for the first 500 players per server. To accomplish this you need to maintain your ranking frequently from the start to end of the game.

How to Rank Up to Conqueror in Pubg Mobile [#Method 3]

  1. Zone Prediction – How To Reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile:
    Each update PUBG Mobile changes the behavior of the Zone. Lots of players think that while pushing rank to Conqueror must go in the middle of the zone. But always keep in mind that if you go in the middle of the zone you will be surrounded by enemies from all around. The best you can do is stay at the edge of the zone, by doing this you will only face enemies that are in front of you. Use this trick will help you to survive and also create chances to kill more enemies.
  2. #2 Gun/Game Type Combination:Solo: While Playing Rank matches in Solo is the most difficult to reach conqueror. But if you believe in your skills and have plans you can get through it. You just need to focus on your gun selection in the solo matches. Try to have two automatic AR guns to survive also try to have lots of utility to help you escape in a dangerous situation. You can also use sniper rifle or light machine gun if you believe in your skills.
    Duo: We already told you above that in Duo Rank Matches one you must have a sniper rifle and try to avoid short-range battle.
    Squad: In Squad Matches, the selection of the guns depends on the mood of each player. A squad will only survive when they play a perfect role in communication.
  3. Vehicles – How To Reach Ace To The Conqueror in PUBG Mobile
    Try to use vehicles in the game till last. means you should have a vehicle in you from start to end. it will help you reach your destination more quickly. In addition, when you are being rushed you can use a car to escape as soon as possible to survive.
  4. Advantage of Kills – Pubg Mobile Conqueror Points
    Upon reaching higher tiers the chances of points also increase when the number of kills is high. Survival points are constant but kill points are a bonus for you. Try to kill more and more enemies to gain lots of PUBG Mobile Ranking Points.

    How to Become a Conqueror in Pubg Mobile
    How to Rank Up to Conqueror in Pubg Mobile
  5. Make Use of Utilities Or Resources:
    The utility is the backbone in PUBG Mobile when you start pushing your rank. Lots of players think that having a lot of ammunition will help them survive. But they should understand the only thing which helps you in Rank Push is “Smoke Grenades“. More Smoke means More survival chances in the game and more survival chances will lead you to reach conqueror tier.

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