PUBG Mobile: Storm Gaming Coming Bali for the World Cup

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PUBG Mobile World Cup

PUBG Mobile game battle

The ultimate esports event that brings together the best PUBG Mobile teams from around the world to compete for a grand prize. This 2022 year, the tournament is being held in Bali, Indonesia, and one of the teams that will be competing is Storm Gaming.

Special year for Brazilian e-sports

With another year coming to an end, 2022 is a special year for Brazilian e-sports, with the CS:GO world championship being held in Rio de Janeiro, LOUD being the VALORANT world champion and several teams. Brazil mobile world title dispute from December to January.

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Storm Gaming Coming Bali for the World Cup

Highlights for PUBG Mobile, there are 4 Brazilian teams with a real chance to become world champions in live events: Alpha7, Influence Chemin and iNCO Gaming, which will feature in the PUBG Mobile Championship finals global (PMGC).

Especially Storm Gaming, who left Itapema, on the coast of Santa Catarina, to go to Argentina and win the Panamericano de eSports championship as well as reach the final of PUBG Mobile World Cup; World Esports Championship – 14th Edition. What Happened in Bali, Indonesia.

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Team Santa Catarina has a tradition in PUBG Mobile scenario, playing all PUBG Mobile Pro League Brasil (PMPL Brasil), from 2021 to present. It is worth noting that the team was founded in December 2020, for this reason, the team did not participate in the 2020 format.

The World Esports Championship will distribute $100,000 to teams participating in the PUBG Mobile format and $500,000 to other eSports formats.

“It was a tough championship, against the best teams in the world, some of whom were in the PMGC this past. We hope to at least get into the TOP 3 of the tournament and the main goal is to win.”

– said Fabiano, CEO of Storm Gaming.


The PUBG Mobile World Cup is one of the biggest esports events of the year, and Storm Gaming is poised to make a strong showing. With their aggressive playstyle, strong teamwork, and ability to adapt to different situations, Storm Gaming is a team that should not be underestimated. We look forward to seeing them compete in Bali and wish them the best of luck in the tournament.