PUBG Mobile Season 15 New UI [User-Interface] Lobby Themes 2020

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As Season 15 is on its way to being launched in September, many players are waiting for this desperately. But with the passage of timing, many updates are being leaked along with the release dates.

Now one of the best update leaks is surrounding in the gaming community that PUBG Mobile is going to change the UI of the Lobby in Season 15. The UI theme will be changed in the next season twice times. This new Theme is very light, easy and attractive, even a new player can understand how to use it.

As we said that the theme is going to be changed twice times, but how and what is the reason for that? Well, firstly the UI will change for season 15 this change will be applied fully like lobby, Clan, Synergy, and etc. The second change will occur during the Halloween event and will only be applied to the Lobby.

Season 15 New UI(User-Interface) Theme

PUBG Mobile planned to change the PUBG Mobile Theme to look similar to PUBG PC. The only reason is most of the players like the layout of PUBG PC instead of PUBG Mobile. Lots of players also demanded a change in layout many times but now pubg officials decided a change in Season 15.

The last theme was also good we all loved it and all of our memories are also there with that theme. But the duration of flexibility we need a change and now the change is here.

I’m so excited for this layout theme and can’t wait long to experience it, please tell us your thoughts about the new UI Theme using the comments section.

We research a lot about pubg mobile updates and always publish posts that are confirmed. The New UI Lobby Theme is also confirmed and you will experience it soon.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 New Lobby Interface

Now it is confirmed that PUBG Mobile is going to release a change in UI Theme for the upcoming season. So, we have brought an image of the new Lobby of Season 15 for our visitors. You can take a close look at the image, how amazing the new Lobby theme layout is, and how easy it is to navigate all options within seconds.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Lobby Theme
Season 15 Lobby Theme(The New UI for PUBG Mobile)

The best part in this new lobby UI Theme is that has fewer options to deal with instead of having a junk of options. As a junk of options will always lead us to confusion. Which will only waste our time, I think this is the best part of season 15 with a New Theme.

"A New Journey With a New Theme"

If you can’t wait for the season 15 and want to experience this new theme now, you can download the 1.0.0 Update beta version using the link below:

PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 Beta Version

PUBG Mobile Season 15 New Synergy UI Theme

I was always unable and confused to find the Synergy window in PUBG Mobile, and always wished a change in it. Now it is happening in season 15, you will also going to love this new Synergy Theme in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Synergy UI
Season 15 Synergy UI

Look how easy it is to see your friend partners, BFF, Bromance, Buddies, and manage Synergy points. This is going to help you out to save your timeless in managing friends and give you more time in Battlefield.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Event Lobby Theme

Also, you are going to experience another Theme change after Season 15. As we all know Halloween is going to happen on October 31, Saturday so PUBG Mobile Decided to give a horror look to Players Lobby to make them feel about Halloween.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Event Lobby Theme
Halloween Event Lobby Theme(Image Credit: Classified YT)

Season 15 is going to be the most enjoyable and favorite season of mine, because of its extra-ordinary updates and theme looks.

Closing Thoughts

All the leaks in this article are confirmed and will be released soon, you can also share your thoughts in the comments section. Also, specify your best UI Theme Design of PUBG Mobile with us.

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