PUBG Mobile News: Season 15 Royale Pass Expected Release Date 2020

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PUBG Mobile Season 15 release date is expected on 15th September 2020 after the upcoming 0.20.0 update. 0.20.0 is also expected in upcoming days, after that as usual the Royale Pass section gets locked, which means you will not able to get the RP rewards until the Season 15 Royale Pass gets unlocked.

  • PUBG Mobile Season 15 is Expected on 15 September 2020.
  • But Before PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass, 0.20.0 is on its way to be released.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Release Date

After any Season there is Another Season, As we all know that PUBG Mobile Season 14 has been released already and roads to its final destination, But the next stop for PUBG Mobile will be Season 15 and the release date is almost finalized.

But Before PUBG Mobile announces the update for Season 15, there will be another upcoming Big Update which is known as 0.20.0.

Pubg Mobile Season 14 Release Date and Time

Season 14 is most probably last for only two and a half months, resources say it will last till the 13th of September and soon after 2 days, Season 15 will be released.

As mentioned earlier, the end of Season 14 will soon be followed by the closed Royale Pass section. PUBG Mobile Season 15 is expected to release on 15th September 2020 while the 0.20.0 update will be rolled out before the completion of Season 14.


Before the completion of Season 14, PUBG Mobile is planning to release the 0.20.0 Update before the release date of Season 15 which is 15 September 2020. But all of you need to keep in mind before Season 15 the RP section will be locked so if you are low on your RP Points then you are in trouble.

Most likely Season 14 also offers two types of Royale Pass, One is Elite Upgrade Royale pass and Second one Elite Upgrade Plus. As Usual Elite upgrade royale pass will costs you 600UC and is Elite Upgrade Royale Pass will costs 1800UC.

Closing Thoughts

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