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PUBG Mobile Rank System Guide 2020 – PUBG Ranking System Explained

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Today’s article is discussed about PUBG Mobile Rank System, How many stages do players need to reach to able to rank in PUBG Mobile? What skills are required to be at the top of the ranking? What players should know about the PUBG ranking system?

PUBG Mobile Rank System Guide 2020

You will find the topics that we will discuss are:

  • Ranking System in PUBG Mobile.
  • PUBG Mobile Ranking System Points List – New Rank System PUBG Mobile [PUBG Tiers]

It’s been difficult to rank in PUBG Mobile nowadays since the increase in the number of players made the game so competitive. First of all The Player must be aware of how the Ranking System works in PUBG Mobile game. After that, they need to gain skills to rank themselves and their teammates to the top of the table.

We will help you in the rank system in PUBG Mobile but after that, it’s up to you how you react or change the gaming style. PUBG Ranking system contains 8 different stages. Each tier has a unique reward. Players need to follow a unique way to rank to the top. Each time a player is promoted to the next phase will face skilled players. The basic purpose of the ranking system is to determine the Pro Player with unique skills.

Ranking System in PUBG Mobile

To Increase Rank in PUBG Mobile Players need to play ranked matches. Players are required to earn rank points by showing their performance in ranked matches. After that, each player earns Rank points based on their skills.

Players Also get rewards during and after the season ends lying on the tier they are. To get to know about the rewards check out our list below:

During Season:

  • Outfits.
  • Weapon skins.
  • Parachute skins.

After Season:

  • Gold Tier: 600 silver fragments.
  • Platinum Tier: 800 silver fragments.
  • Diamond Tier: 1000 silver fragments.
  • Ace Tier: Special Legendary Team effect, Season Ace Title, and Season Name tag along with 1600 Silver Fragments.
  • Conqueror Tier: 2000 silver fragments, Season Conqueror Title, Season Name Tag, and Mythic Team Effect.

PUBG Mobile Ranking System Points List – New Rank System PUBG Mobile [PUBG Tiers]

Players need to play ranked matches to achieve the points which will help them to rank to conquerer. They must show their skills and performance in each game. Players are required to survive until the end of the game with the best kills.

Here is the list of PUBG Mobile tier stages, Have a Look!

  1. Bronze(I-V):

    When a player first time plays PUBG Mobile and after completing his/ her first match he/she will be promoted to Bronze Tier. Bronze has five sub tiers (Bronze V – Bronze I). Each Tier Needs 100 points to be passed. The bronze tier will be easy for you to pass because mostly the bronze tier consists of the players which are new or noob.

  2. Silver(I-V):

    After Completing Bronze I, you will be promoted to Silver V. Silver also has fiver tiers (Silver V – Silver I). You will achieve this tier after playing a few ranked matches.

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    Rank System in Pubg Mobile
  3. Gold(I-V):

    Onwards you will find Gold Tire if you survived in Silver I Tier. Gold tier consists of five tires (Gold V-Gold I). To pass this rank you need to be smart and quick. In this tier some players got skills and experience to knock you down.

    Pubg Mobile Ranking System Points List
    Rank System Pubg Mobile
  4. Platinum(I-V):

    The next Phase tier in PUBG Mobile after Gold is Platinium. which distributed into five tiers(Platinum V- Platinium I) like the other ones. Here you will able to find some players of your quality and experience. They will give you a tough time to survive.

    Rank System in Pubg Mobile
    Pubg Ranking System Mobile
  5. Diamond(I-V):

    When you cross Platinum you will be promoted into Diamond. That has five tiers (Diamond V- Diamond I). Here you will able to find pro players which are expertise in the basics. This tier will give you a tough time and it will not be easy to be passed.

    Pubg Ranking System
    Rank System in Pubg Mobile
  6. Crown(I-V):

    This rank will require you to complete Diamond I. Like other tiers Crown also consists of five tiers(Crown V – Crown I). This Rank consists of most pro players. In each game, you will find Lots of players with highly experienced and skilled Players.

    Pubg Rank System 2020
    Rank System Pubg Mobile
  7. Ace:

    If you are lucky and you are in the list of experienced player you will pass the Crown and promoted to Ace. You will happy to know that it doesn’t have five tiers. But you also need to know that in this tier you will face the most skilled players. In this Tier, players have unique and amazing attributes to knock you and your squad.

    Rank System in Pubg
    New Rank System Pubg
  8. Conqueror(Top 500 Players):

    Conqueror is the most This is the highest-ranking tier in PUBG Mobile. But it will be hard to get promoted into Conqueror Tier Because From every region only 500 Players get promoted into this tier.

    PUBG Mobile Rank Image
    PUBG Rank System

PUBG Mobile consists of Solo, Duo, and Squad gameplay types. But you need to choose wisely to play Ranked matches.

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Closing Thoughts

This article is all about the Ranking System and Tiers in PUBG Mobile. This article is very helpful to understand the ranking system of PUBG Mobile especially when you are new in the game. Also, share your thoughts with us using the comment section.

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