PUBG Mobile: How to win the 1vs1 Team Deathmatch

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How to Play 1v1 Matches in PUBG Mobile

To play 1v1 matches in PUBG Mobile, you need to create or join a custom room. Here’s how to do it, follow these steps below:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile and tap on the “Mode” button.
  2. Select “Custom” from the list of available modes.
  3. Tap on the “Create Room” or “Join Room” button, depending on whether you want to create your own room or join an existing one.
  4. If you’re creating your own room, set the parameters of the match, such as the map, weapons, and game mode.
  5. Invite your opponent to join the room or wait for them to join if you’re joining an existing room.
  6. Once both players are in the room, start the match.

PUBG Mobile tips & tricks you need to know

TDM is one of PUBG Mobile’s most popular game modes, an interesting mode that helps players improve their melee aiming and reaction skills. In this article, we will introduce TDM mode and 5 tips to win the top 1v1 TDM PUBG Mobile match.

PUBG Mobile 1v1 TDM mode

Although it was just updated not long ago, the Team Deathmatch 1v1 mode has a great attraction to Pubg Mobile gamers. Team Deathmatch (TDM) is a highly competitive game mode in the survival shooter PUBG Mobile. To win in TDM, players need to have many different skills in both movement and aiming if they want to win.

Hearing this, this mode is as normal as other team games, so what is the reason why this 1v1 mode attracts Pubg Mobile players? Let’s find out together!

Save time

Unlike the normal mode where the game only stops when there is only 1 survivor, Team Deathmatch mode is a timed mode. This will also help players focus on the fight as well as spend less time. In addition, having this additional mode makes players not bored, finishing the game faster also means you will play more games, contributing to more experience.


It can be said that TDM is like a dessert for players before entering the brain-stretching matches in the traditional mode. High-paced, fast combat suitable for players who are in need of “release” Stress. Besides, you can also play this mode with your friends as team practice sessions.

Reflex training

To win, players will have to defeat as many people as possible, so TDM requires a high tempo. The person who was shot down will be resurrected, so the opponent will not hesitate to fight to defeat you at any time, the small map is also what makes you encounter more opponents. In order not to be defeated too much, you need to have a strategy to be able to fight the enemy effectively. In addition, this mode is also very suitable for practicing sharp reflexes.

Helps keep balance

Traditional survival battles will sometimes make players unable to show their abilities as well as playing forever in one mode will be boring. Team Deathmatch will help players regain balance after long games and show their abilities.

Skill test

TDM will draw players into the fighting phase, through which you can hone and test your skills such as planning, strategy as well as shooting ability. You can play as much as you like, shoot your hand because this mode does not affect the ranking.

With the above benefits, it is no wonder that Team Deathmatch has become a mode enjoyed by PUBG Mobile gamers and now not only Pubg Mobile but even the Lite version of PUBG Mobile has updated this interesting mode. Why don’t you try it now?

Tips to play TDM 1vs1 in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile tips & tricks you need to know

1. Choose the Right Weapon

Players can choose from a variety of weapons in PUBG Mobile. However, it’s best to use high-damage weapons instead of precision and balanced weapons, as most battles in TDM are at close range. In this type of fighting, damage is more important than accuracy, since you can hit the enemy anyway. When it comes to all-out damage and teamfights, 7.62mm ammo AR guns like the AK are the best for 1vs1 skirmishes in TDM PUBG Mobile.

2. Switch Between FPP And TPP When Necessary

While FPP allows players to aim better and easily hit the head, TPP has more advantages in 1vs1 TDM. By switching to TPP, players will be able to see clearly and aim without exposing their heads.

You need to hide most of your body so that it is difficult for the opponent to aim at you. The TDM Warehouse map has a lot of places to cover, lean back, stick your head out to shoot. TPP also allows players to react more frantically in close combat, because they don’t have to pan the camera so much to look around.

3. Set Goals First to Improve Response

Shooting first and aiming first is an important technique that professionals need to learn to use. The player can shoot first or aim first at the spots where enemies are about to appear, which allows them to deal a lot of damage and prevent enemies from retaliating. Players need to be aware of their ammo count when firing, as enemies can immediately counterattack if they know you’re out of ammo.

4. Always Try To Get Headshots

Headshots deal the most damage and can change the game in an instant. Therefore, hitting the head is always your main goal in TDM 1vs1 PUBG Mobile. Shooting only in the body takes a long time to take down an enemy, which may allow them a chance to turn around.

5. Use Movements To Keep Your Opponent From Shot

Besides targeting the enemy, it is also important to prevent them from returning fire. Therefore, practicing real bunny jumps can be a good idea in TDM mode. By moving around randomly, the player will be able to destroy enemy targets and win skirmishes. Besides the bunny jump, players can also use side jump, sudden stomach jump or cross jump.

PUBG Mobile tips & tricks you need to know

So we have just shared with readers the tips to play 1vs1 TDM PUBG Mobile to win, what do you think about the above methods? Going solo in 1v1 matches in PUBG Mobile has both advantages and disadvantages. While it can be more challenging and help improve your decision-making skills and overall gameplay, I believe it can also be more difficult and increase the risk of losing. Let’s use these tips to win in 1v1 mode of this global hot game!