Not reaching the top, D’Xavier can still do what other teams “just wish”

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Recently, the PUBG Mobile SEA EC 2023 tournament has officially started so that the top teams in Southeast Asia have the opportunity to compete before the 32nd SEA Games. After four days of competition. Under stress, Vietnam’s No. 1 seed – VN1 team stopped at the top of the final round.

SEA EC 2023 – PUBG Mobile officially kicks off

SEA EC 2023

SEA Esports Championship 2023 (referred to as SEA EC 2023) is a regional friendly e-sports tournament between Southeast Asian countries, and is a premise to prepare for the 32nd SEA Games. 20 PUBG Mobile teams from 10 Southeast Asian countries (except Singapore).

SEA EC 2023 is a pre-SEA Games 32 tournament jointly organized by the Vietnam E-Sports and Entertainment Association – VIRESA and VNG to create a playground for teams in Southeast Asia before the 32nd SEA Games. This will be an opportunity for the teams to be rubbed and have the best preparation for the 32nd SEA Games.

PUBG Mobile team and players


SEA EC 2023 will be held online with 3 sports: PUBG Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift and VALORANT, subjects included in the competition content of SEA Games 32. The matches are within the framework of the subject. PUBG Mobile at SEA EC 2023 has officially started since March 8.

At this tournament, there are three subjects that will be contested as above, including the national survival game PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile is a sport where Vietnam has the opportunity to compete for the championship at SEA EC 2023. With good achievements (1 gold, 1 silver) at SEA Games 31 and the championship at GEG 2022, the boys of the Vietnamese team Nam is clearly a very bright candidate for the SEA EC 2023 championship.

Competing teams

Competing with the Vietnamese delegation this time will be 9 other Southeast Asian countries (except Singapore), a total of 20 participating teams. Teams will compete online in both the qualifiers and finals and compete for a prize pool of $6,000 (first prize).

Although it only took place within 4 days with an online format, SEA EC 2023 is definitely an extremely important playground for teams to warm up and warm up before participating in the 32 SEA Games tournament. This is a good opportunity for teams from many different countries to exchange, rub, thereby better understand their opponents in the upcoming tournament.

SEA EC 2023 Round Stage

The tournament will be divided into 2 stages including: group stage and final

Qualifiers (March 08 – 10.03):

  • 20 teams are divided equally into 5 groups, each group has 4 teams
  • Play 6 matches/day on Sanhok – Miramar – Erangel maps, rotating alternately
  • Score by kills and achievements on the leaderboard at the end of each match


Final Round (11.03 – 12.03):

  • 16 teams with the highest results after qualifying will compete for the championship

There’s LIVESTREAM broadcasting for the audience

Where to watch the SEA EC 2023 tournament?

As mentioned above, only the matches of the SEA EC 2023 final round will be livestreamed to the audience. You can follow the matches at 16:00 for two days, 11/3 – 12.03.

Performance by D’Xavier

D’Xavier’s performance at SEA EC 2023 is the clearest proof that this team is very popular with fans, especially domestic fans.

After four days of intense competition at SEA EC 2023, Vietnam’s number 1 seed – VN1 team (D’Xavier) ended up in the Top 4 final. This is indeed an unfortunate result because VN1 is completely capable of breaking through in the last game of the Finals. However, luck is what this representative lacks.

Before that, the opportunity for the shooters to break through in the last game was completely open thanks to the close score between VN1 and the top teams.

PUBG Mobile team and players

Despite trying to apply all the combat experience in major tournaments, VN1 still could not escape the pincer position between the two Thai teams in the final rounds of the game. Stopping in the Top 4, Dinh Duong “Rabiz” Thanh – captain of team D’Xavier immediately apologized to the fans for not being able to maintain the leading position and complete the set goal.

Reaction of the Fan 

It seemed that D’Xavier would receive a lot of criticism when he missed the opportunity to reach the top at SEA EC 2023, but the reaction of the fans was completely opposite. At Rabiz’s apology post, many comments of cheering, encouragement and condolences to the captain in general, as well as VN1 in particular, continuously appeared. Skimming through, it is difficult to find a criticism or malicious comment for the talented fighters of Vietnam.

So far, receiving defeats in international tournaments will certainly more or less make players receive blame. But with D’Xavier, “stumbling” in the arena did not disappoint their fans. On the contrary, the members also received a lot of valuable encouragement. Certainly, this is what many Esports teams wish to have.

PUBG Mobile team and players

Hopefully with the enthusiastic cheers from the fans, D’Xavier will have more motivation to “revenge” at the PMPL Spring and above all, the upcoming 32nd SEA Games. We wish the members of D’Xavier to stay strong and have a spectacular comeback to not disappoint their beloved fans.