Best m416 Attachments

PUBG MOBILE TIPS: M416 Gun Best  Attachments [Stats & Tier]

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M416 Gun in Pubg Mobile

M416  is one of the best assault rifle gun in pubg mobile game where every gamer like to kill their enemies. Every pubg mobile lover likes to play with this gun because it has less recoil and having many attachments which help the gamer player during combat.

M416 GUN In Pubg Mobile fires 5.56 mm rounds Ammos with 40 and 30 bullets per mag with single and full burst auto mode which kill enimines without spending any time. As told you above M416 gun having many attachments that help it during combat make this gun all-rounder of other guns available in pubg mobile.

Best m416 Attachments

Background of M416

Everyone knows about M416 GUN  in pubg mobile which is designed by heckler and Koch assault rifle engineers, which contains 5. Ammos which is highly inspired by AR 15 designs. The production of M416 stared in 2004. Due to high damage and the best performance letter it became a part of France and other countries’ military.

The performance of M416 is the second rifle with the lowest recoil and high damage among all other AR guns.

M416 – Weapon Stats

M416  having the power of 43 to 44 and firing speed of near 88 which makes this gun more attractive and best than others there for everyone try to search m416 when every they land of the map.

Firing Speed And Damage Of M416 In Pubg Mobile

Power of  M416 In Pubg Mobile 43-44 | 100
Range: of  M416 37 | 100
Recoil: of  M416 33 | 100
Firing Speed: of  M416 77-80 | 100
Ammo Type of   M416: Green 5.56mmGreen Ammo
M416 Weapon Type Assault Rifle (AR)
M416 Magazine Capacity 30 | 40

M416 Best  Attachments Setup  In Pubg Mobile

To destroy your opponents using M416 GUN   you need to attach the following compatible attachments, let’s discuss the attachments that benefit the make m416 gun best over than others. First of all, you need to add Muzzle attachment to your m416 which helps you control the recoil (Vertical and horizontal recoil )of the gun from short and long-range combat.

Q.Ext Mag helps you to increase the number ammo form 30 to 40 and reload speed. Where one and best attachment of m416 gun is Tactical stock which controls the recoil and weapon shake during firing. There are also some handgrip attachments for m416 which helps you to control recoil and stability including Thumb Grip, Vertical Grip, Angle Grip, Foregrip.

For long-range and short-range you may use 3x scope or 6x scope with Vertical grip and other mentioned attachments but for short-range, its recommended that using red dot and holographic is best for short-range combat.

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Compatible Attachments

M416 is compatible with attachments shown in the table below with their descriptions.

Attachments Name Of Attachment
Muzzle Muzzle
Scope Scope
Foregrip Foregrip
Magazine Magazine
Stock Stock


M416 Best  Attachments For Close Range

Attachments  Image Description Of Attachment

Red Dot Sight
Red Dot Sight

Scope Time

-Scope Time

-Vertical Recoil



M416 Best  Attachments For  Medium Range

Attachments Image Description Of Attachment
3x Scope 4x Scope 4x,3x Scope


+Recoil Recovery


M416 Best  Attachments For Long Range

Attachments Image Description Of Attachment
6x Scope 6x Scope
Vertical Recoil — Vertical Recoil


These combinations are suggested by different gamers and streamer but it’s not important that apply these attachments just try your self in a training session where to attach the parts and try to get your result if you like to flow these attachments probably these setup of attachments helps you to destroy your enemies easily controlling the recoil.

Here is another attachment recommend by Best Arc Player of pubg mobile. You can see this attachment and their details below.

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M416 Attachment for Medium  Range

Scope 4x or 6x

For 100 meter range or medium range fight, you need M416 With the following attachments you can use 4x and 6x scope where 6x can be changed into 3x scope gives you benefit for short-range spry fighting against your enemies.

Vertical Foregrip or Thumb Grip

When every you like to shoot blindly on medium or short rang using M416 you need to use vertical or thumb grip attachment. Using these two attachments helps you to control the upward recoil during the fighting.

Flash Hider or Suppressor

As a long-range weapon, it is important to make this weapon quieter. So the snout attachment that according to the author is Flash Flash or Suppressor. Flash Hider makes flashes of light from the muzzle invisible, making it difficult for enemies to find you. While the function of the compressor is to reduce the sound of the shot, which makes it difficult for the enemy to find the origin of your shot from his voice.

Flash Hider

If you find other attachments that can complement your M416, then use it. But if you want to make it a medium-range weapon, you must have the three attachments above.

As we know that flash hider and suppressor is the best way to hide your location from the enemies. These two attachments help you to reduce the noise of the weapon. Flash hider makes flashes of light from the gun muzzle invisible to enemies where suppressor reduces the firing voice. For making the M416 medium range you must need the following attachment before going to push.


If you are going to spray on your enemies during combat fight the compensator helps you using this attachment with your M416  Its reduce the recoil and shaking of weapon and fire stably on your opponent.



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