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M24 is a sniper gun present in PUBG well known as Battleground which has millions of game fans. Battleground available for different platforms, XBOX, PC, AND Mobile versions is too much famous in Asia and Central Asian Countries.

M24 is a bolt action gun that uses 7.62mm ammo having a capacity of 5 rounders per magazines and it will be extended up to 7 bullets using the extended magazine. The M24 gun in pubg is a copy of the SWS military and police version of Remington  700 mode.

Where M24 is an alternative to kar98 gun. M24 gun recommends by different live streamers and Battleground players because it has some functions which make this gun more attractive than kar98.

The muzzle, suppressor, and the reloading time of m24 make this snipping gun more favorite to its lovers. The damage of m24 gun in pubg is more than other available guns in different maps of pubg mobile. The M24 give maximum damage to your enemies from a distance of 120 meters.

Overview of M24 Sniper Gun in Pubg Mobile


Hit Damage

75 from long distance and 80 from a short distance

Initial Bullet Speed

790 m/s

Body Hit Impact Power


Zero Range

100 – 100

Time Between Shots


Firing Modes



Magazine 5 ammo Per Round

Duration (Full)


Duration (Tactical)



How To Get M24 In Pubg Mobile

M24 Gun in pubg is compatible with 4 attachments which increase the demand for this gun during the game. Using suppressor and extended mag with 8x sighted scope make this gun master of sniping during long range-fight.

M24 – Weapon Tier |M24 Tier: S|

M24 Compatible Attachments

M24 is compatible with 4 attachments types.

Where to find M24 in PUBG Mobile

M24 IS mostly found in Novorepnoye in Erangle Map which is located on the east side of the map also know as the port city of pubg mobile. Georgopol which is also port city having containers and located on the north side near the hospital of erangle map it has a 90% chance of containing m24.

Where to find M24 in PUBG Mobile

M24 Gun In Sanhok Map

For those who love to play in Sanhook map of the battleground. Finding an M24 gun in Sanhok Map is possible to easy you can search Runies which has an 80% chance of containing m24 gun. Also, there are some other places where you can see your favorite gun like Paradise Resort, Bootcamp, etc.

M24 Gun In Sanhok Map


The M24 Gun in Miramar Map

In Miramar, you spot M24 gun in Pecado which is southwest city. The located far away from the center of the Miramar map towards Southwest. Which little town having may buildings but the gym is a famous one where you find your m24 gun. Most sniper guns also find in the Los Leones area of Miramar map

.M24 Gun location in Miramar

M24 Gun in Vikendi

If you like playing pubg in the Vikendi map than most probably you are known to the Dino Park which is located in the west area of the map. which is highly preferred by gamers for sniper rifles. Beyond this Castle AND Historic Amusement park is well known to find m24 gun.

Location of M24 Gun in Vikendi

How to Get Free M24 gun skin in pubg

Getting M24 gun skin in pubg mobile is very easy. Every game lover likes to play a game using different gun skin during his match. Using gun skin gives you a different look than other players, there are many M24 gun skins available in pubg mobile which only accessible during pubg events and redeem codes. Redeem codes available of pubgs official website also check on Here.


The Seven Seas

The Seven Seas M24 Skin

Space Explorer M24 skin Space Explorer M24 skin 
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