Kar98K- Weapon Stats


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KAR 98 is a well-known bolt-action weapon in Pubg mobile which uses 7mm ammo. Every gamer likes to play the game with snipping techniques go achieve high rank in-game. KAR 98  has high damage after AWM where its mostly found in rush areas.

KAR 98  in Pubg Mobile

The KAR 98   is highly recommended by different live streamers because it deals with fatal damage against your opponents who wearing level 3 and 2 helmets try to protect them_self from the long-range shot. The one bullet shot gave damaged of 85% to your enemy. KAR 98  is Good and well chose gun for long-range engagement without taking any risk and you did not need any rush game on airdrop.

Kar98K- Weapon Stats

Overview of KAR 98  

Hit Damage 80
Initial Bullet Speed 760 m/s
Body Hit Impact Power 16,000
Zero Range 100 – 600
Time Between Shots 1.900s
Firing Modes Single
Method One by One + Stripper clip
Duration (Full) 4.000sec
Duration (Single Bullet Initial) 1.690sec
Duration (Single Bullet Repeat) 0.750sec

KAR 98  Gun Attachments In Pubg

Kar 98  have mostly 3 to 4 attachments which make this gun more attractive and best in pubg mobile and pubg PC. Kar 98 supports 8x and 4x scope where 4x is from short distance engagement and 8x is used for the long-distance flight. Bullet loop is another attachment for kar98 which helps you to reloading time during combat fight.

KAR 98  Gun

Kar98 – Weapon Stats & Rating

Kar98K -Tier / Rating
Rank: B

kar 98 gun in pubg mobile

Power Of KAR 98: 69 – 100
Recoil: 30 – 100
Range of KAR 98: 80 – 100
Firing Speed: 4 / 100
Weapon: Sniper Gun
Magazine : 5, and 7
Ammo Of KAR 98 7.62mm

Kar 98 came with different skin which makes this gun more beautiful and stylish than other sniper guns present in battleground games. kar 98 gun, in pubg mobile, has high reloading time which is a drawback of this amazing gun but still, players like to fight with this gun. Forget different skin for kar98 must follow our website. Best Kar98 Gun Skins Free.


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