Influence Chemin Esports – A Collaboration Between 2 Countries

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The Origins of Influence Chemin Esports

Influence Chemin Esports is the result of a collaboration between two organizations: Influence Esports and Chemin Esports, based in Brazil. The two organizations share a passion for esports and a commitment to excellence, making them natural partners.

The partnership was officially announced with the goal of creating a world-class esports organization that could compete at the highest levels. The two organizations brought together their expertise and resources to create a team that would represent both countries. 

Collaboration to establish INF Chemin Esports 

Influence Chemin Esports is a South American esports organization formed as a partnership between Chemin Esports and INFLUENCE RAGE. The Indian organization Chemin Esports has partnered with Influence Range, a Brazilian company, to start infiltrating Brazil. With this partnership, it has now been renamed INF Chemin Esports. This venture quickly gained attention in the community.

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To announce the partnership, the two organizations posted this on their social media pages:

“We are proud to announce that Influence Rage is the first Brazilian Organization to collaborate with an Indian Organization. Influence Rage and Chemin eSports now form “INF CHEMIN E-SPORTS”, the partnership extends to all current Influence Rage rosters and all the upcoming rosters , content creators and other scenarios slated for entry in 2023. Cheers to a bright and successful future.”

INF Chemin Esports 


Influence Chemin Esports has achieved impressive achievements throughout the seasons of PUBG Mobile. Below is an impressive leaderboard of major prizes and positions as well as bonuses achieved by this team from 2021 to 2023.

Date Place Tier Tournament Prize
2023-05-07 2nd A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Brazil Spring 2023 $10,000
2023-01-08 16th S-Tier PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 $130,000
2022-10-23 1st A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Americas Championship Fall 2022 $23,000
2022-10-15 5th A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Brazil Fall 2022 $8,000
2022-06-19 1st B-Tier Snapdragon Conquest Master Series $3,000
2022-05-29 1st A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Americas Championship Spring 2022 $23,000
2022-04-24 2nd A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Brazil Spring 2022 $9,500
2022-02-27 1st B-Tier Americas Elite League Season 3 $1,400
2021-08-08 2nd B-Tier PUBG Mobile National Championship Brazil 2021 $7,000
2021-04-25 4th A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Brazil Season 1 $8,000


Highlight Awards 2022

Date Tier Tournament Award Player Prize
2022-10-23 A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Americas Championship Fall 2022 MVP Federal $1,000
2022-10-15 A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Brazil Fall 2022 MVP Federal $1,000
2022-05-29 A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Americas Championship Spring 2022 MVP LiLBOY $1,000
2022-04-24 A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Brazil Spring 2022 MVP Federal $1,000


Chemin Esports

Chemin Esports is one of the emerging Indian organizations that have cemented their pedigree in a short span of time. They entered the field of e-sports in May 2021 and currently have a lineup in three hot games: BGMI, Free Fire and Pokemon UNITE.

The organization acquired the Free Fire superstar lineup of 4 Unknown, which surprised many. Free Fire Pro League 2021 India Winter Champion Team. Chemin Esports’ special BGMI lineup boasts Destro, DeltaPG, Robin, Justin and BopeDope. With their latest collaboration, the team is expected to have a successful future.

Chemin Esports partners with Influence Rage for multiple game titles

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Influence Rage is a fairly well-known organization in mobile e-sports, having won several major titles. They are currently on the list in three hot mobile games: PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor and COD Mobile.

Their COD Mobile team recently reached the 2022 World Championship Finals by taking third place in their Regional Stage 4. The organization signed the old Godsent roster in June 2022, which turned out to be beneficial as they secured a spot in the Championship.

Besides, their Arena of Valor (AOV) team had impressive performances at the AOV Pro League 2022 Brazil Season 1, winning and progressing to the 2022 International Championship. 

This organization became prominent with the PUBG Mobile team, which includes many famous players including Law, Federal, and Caiowski. The party has claimed four consecutive events in the past five months.

The team was crowned the PMPL Americas Championship 2022 Spring, a major PUBG Mobile tournament. With that, they took second place in their regional Pro League 2022 Spring Split. The team will be competing in the Pro League Fall season, which starts today, which is August 26. Along with that, the organization also has a female team in PUBG Mobile.

The Teams of Influence Chemin Esports

Influence Chemin Esports has teams in several esports titles. The teams include players from both countries, with a mix of nationalities and backgrounds. This diversity is one of the strengths of Influence Chemin Esports, as it allows the organization to draw on the strengths of different cultures and playing styles.

The teams are coached and managed by a staff of experienced professionals, who provide guidance and support to the players. The organization also invests heavily in player development, providing resources and opportunities for players to improve their skills and achieve their goals.

The Future of Influence Chemin Esports

Looking ahead, Influence Chemin Esports has big plans for the future. The organization aims to continue growing and expanding its reach, both in Europe and South America. It also plans to invest in new esports titles and to expand its content creation team to produce even more engaging and high-quality content.

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Moreover, Influence Chemin Esports plans to continue building its community and engaging with its fans. The organization understands that its success is built on the support of its fans, and it is committed to providing them with the best possible experience.

Influence Chemin Esports is an exciting example of international collaboration in the esports world. The partnership between Influence Esports and Chemin Esports has created a world-class organization that can compete at the highest levels.  I believe that with a diverse and talented team, and a commitment to excellence and community, Influence Chemin Esports is poised for continued success in the years to come.