INCO Gaming 2023: Meet iNCO’s PUBG Mobile Players This Season

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INCO Gaming, also known as iNCO, is a Brazilian e-sports organization focused on mobile gaming. The team was founded in April 2021 by businesswoman Susy Egert and her husband Luiz Egert.

INCO Gaming’s Journey

The project started in April 2021 at Foz do Iguaçu, with the first lineup in PUBG Mobile, founded by friends of the founders playing at random. After a short period of experience and in-depth research on this method, Susy Egert decided to formalize the organization as CNPJ, and recruited the first professional squad consisting of experienced and famous players in the context of the country competitive game scene of Chinese company TENCENT.

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iNCO in 2022

In April, after 1 year of existence, the team ended up participating in PMPL Brazil S1 2022 with fourteenth place and runner-up in the Snapdragon Conquest Master Series tournament.

Near the end of the year, the team became the Brazilian champion, the PMPL Brasil S2 champion. In this way, the team won the first title in the official events and secured the right to participate in PMPL Americas, a tournament that brings together the best PUBG Mobile teams from all over the Americas.

In a short period of time, the team won PUBG Mobile Brazil, beating Alpha7 by 1 point and earning a place in the US format championship. Leading the American league to the final days, the team was unable to secure the required results and finished in third place, securing a place in the world cup.

In December, INCO Gaming traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia to compete in the World Cup group stage. The team did not qualify for the finals early and received a chance to make up. In this way, they reached the final round of the World Cup which took place in January 2023, where they led the first day of the tournament and in the end, they finished in seventh place.

Also, iNCO has become the first Brazilian organization to announce a team with 100% members formed by foreigners in PUBG Mobile. Apart from foreigners, all members are female.

INCO Gaming’s Philosophy and Values

One of the key things that sets INCO Gaming apart is its philosophy and values. The organization follows the principles of teamwork, dedication, and excellence. The team is committed to supporting its players and staff, providing them with opportunities to grow and develop their skills.

INCO Gaming also places a strong emphasis on community and fan engagement. The team interacts regularly with its fans on social media and hosts events and giveaways to show its appreciation for their support.

Meet iNCO’s PUBG Mobile Player 2023

The 7th strongest team in the world is more prepared than ever to conquer the stage once again. Becker, Vitali, Squash, Nenebete and ViTU2k continue to form INCO Gaming’s PUBG Mobile team for this new 2023 season! Here will be some interesting information about each of them.


The first player we’re gonna see is Gabriel Engraff Becker, Beckerzin, 22 years old and from Curitiba, PR. He started competing in 2018 at the invitation of friends. Becker overcame great teams in the arena where he won PMPL Americas 2020 Season 1 and runner-up PMWL, the first world championship hosted by Tencent.

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Becker came to iNCO for the first split of 2022, as part of a proposed reorganization that followed. In his second farewell with the lions, Becker was the IGL in the title of PMPL Brasil Fall 2022, in the third place of the PMPL Americas Fall 2022 giving way to the world, PMGC, where iNCO ranked 7th.

If he didn’t play games so well, we might have to call him Dr. Becker, because he has a desire to be a doctor. Thankfully, fate has shown another path and today he dreams of becoming a world champion. And let it happen with iNCO, Becker!


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Second, Vitali from Getúlio Vargas, RS. At the age of 17, he had won the Brazilian championship and 7th place at the World Cup (participated in the carnage on the first day of the final). He learned about the game through his friends and started playing in Season 1 of the game.

Vitali dreams of competing because of his love for eSports. Having featured in community championships before he turned pro, he was hired by iNCO Gaming and debuted a few days after turning 16 in 2021. This player’s main goal this year is to make it to the PUBG World Cup again and bring the trophy to Brazil!


Arthur Cavalcante, Squash, 17 years old, was born and raised in Ribeirão, PE. He joined iNCO in the first line of PUBG, in 2021 to dispute the PMCO, the runner-up team and move the team to the top of the scenario, PMPL. However, in the first half of 2022, he was loaned out for an overhaul. During this period, he stood out and returned in the second half to help win the PMPL Brazil and a place in the World Cup.

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Squash was one of iNCO Gaming’s highlights in PMGC, mostly in the loop where he stood out for kills and damage (enemies running away from the boy’s S12K). But that alone is not enough. His biggest dream this season is to win the World Championship again and this time to come home with the title. And if it depends on him, it will be possible.


Nenebete, the man who has secured the title of PMPL Brasil Spring 2022 also known as Nene in the informal sense. Derci “Nenebete” Júnior is from Rio Grande do Sul and at the age of 19 he has already made a lot of history in the game, playing since the 2017 beta. He has gone over many teams, so really a lot of history to tell, most recently the 2022 World PMGC with INCO Gaming Lions, featured in decisive moments for the team’s classification.

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With the set goal of winning the World Cup this year, Nene also carries the dream of bringing his mother a spacious home with competitive achievements.


26 years old from Campinas, Vitor Stavarengo is the oldest player in INCO Gaming PUBG Mobile and the spiritual leader of this team. Since his arrival in October 2021, he has been one of the faces of the organization, helping elevate the team during that PMPL Brazil Season 2 and has been vital ever since.

ViTU started playing in Beta in January 2018 and has never thought of becoming a professional e-sports athlete, although he looks forward to working on the game he has always loved. 

Before the game, however, he had a “normal” life. He studied Civil Engineering and worked in the field. But after seeing the possibilities, he dropped out of college and started working and living on esports. During his career he went through great teams, but it was at iNCO where he stood out and achieved his greatest achievement: the PMPL Brasil Fall 2022 title, where he lifted the trophy in the show broadcast and 7th place in the world, PMGC.

As for the guy who changed the face of iNCO Gaming, he’s still missing a world title. But knows that he’s accomplished a lot so far and deserves his mark in the history of the organization. 

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Here will end the post of PUBG Mobile players of INCO Gaming this 2023. PMPL Brasil starts at the end of March and this is the lineup that this team will aim for a new title. This is still a strong team that other opponents need to pay attention to. Let’s look forward to the matches of INCO Gaming!