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PUBG MOBILE TIPS:: How To Get SCAR-L Skins Free |Latest 2020|

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SCAR-L is one of the best guns in Battel Ground. Pubg mobile gives its user different beautiful and stylish skin for their different gun to look more attractive during gameplay. Everyone wishes to get these stylish and amazing Gun skins.

Pubg mobile offers SCAR-L Skin free without spending any UC and money. You can get these skin just following some easy steps. As we know that using different skin for there guns in gameplay gives you a different look than other players. Every game player wishes these gun skins free but there some skins which are available for free members but some tips and tricks give you path get those skins free.

Get free SCAR-L skin in pubg mobile you need to collect Premium and classical crate or coupons. Where pubg mobile company announced different events in every season of pubg mobile where they give skins to their users. but sometimes you need coupons and crates for these events to get a chance of free SCAR-L skin.

How to Get Free Coupons and Premium Crates in Pubg Mobile

Getting free Premium and classic crates and coupons for SCAR-L skin in pubg mobile you just need some silver coins if you do not have these coins don’t worry, spend BP points and get 25 silver every day. From the redeem section where you redeem theses silvers for Premium coupons.

The other way to get SCAR-L skin redeem codes which mostly available on the different websites also check on our website click here for Redeem codes 2020. Redeem codes are available for a short time and they are time-limited but some time Battel Ground Gives skins to their user permanently.


1.     Gold Plated SCAR-L skin Gold Plated SCAR-L skin
2.     Abyss Commander SCAR-L skinAbyss Commander SCAR-L skin
3.     Lightning SCAR-L skinLightning SCAR-L skin
4.     Scarlet Horror  SCAR-L skinScarlet Horror  SCAR-L skin
5.     Rugged Orange SCAR-L skinRugged Orange SCAR-L skin
6.     Flagship  SCAR-L skinScarl skin free in pubg mobile
7.     Sand Dune SCAR-L skinSand Dune SCAR-L skin
8.    Blood oath SCAR-L skinBlood oath SCAR-L skin
9.     Sandstorm SCAR-L skin    Sandstorm SCAR-L skin
10.Blue Dimension SCAR-L skinBlue Dimension SCAR-L skin
11.Tidal Surge SCAR-L skin    Tidal Surge SCAR-L skin
12.Bowknot SCAR-L skin    Bowknot SCAR-L skin 
13.Tidal Wave SCAR-L skin    Tidal Wave SCAR-L skin 
14.Extreme Racing SCAR-L skin    Extreme Racing SCAR-L skin
15.Yellow Stripes SCAR-L skin    Yellow Stripes SCAR-L skin
16.Desert Camo SCAR-L skin    Desert Camo SCAR-L skin


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