How to Get Rename Card in Pubg Mobile Season 14 – Get Free Id 2020

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In today’s article, we will discuss How to Get Rename Card in Pubg Mobile. Many PUBG Mobile players type the wrong name while creating a new account and unable to change the name.

In which you will be given complete information on how to get free rename card in pubg mobile season 14 and You don’t have to worry about playing this game.

Today we will talk about how to get rename card in pubg mobile for free different methods which will help you to get Another Rename Card in Pubg Mobile, not only one time but you can get rename id card twice and thrice times for free. You just need to follow the instructions that we are going to discuss below.

  • [Method1#] Id Levels – Level 10 Progress Missions.
  • [Method2#] Returning Users Rewards.
  • [Method3#] Get Rename Card using Crew Points.

PUBG Mobile has become the most popular and dramatic game for mobile gaming. When it comes to the fame of PUBG Mobile it has over 120 Million downloads on play store.

As we all know PUBG Mobile released in 2017, and we typed the names of our id in hurry. After some time we realized that we have down something wrong with our names. We start wondering and being worried about how to change the name of our id because we don’t have any extra rename cards in our inventory.

Many players stuck in this situation, they wanted to change their name but how? there wasn’t an option available to do that.

How to Get Free Rename Card in Pubg Mobile Season 14
How to Get 3rd Rename Card in Pubg Mobile

After that many players address this issue even we also face this problem for a long time. we knew that in the shop we can buy an id card by spending UC but we can’t afford to buy that. So we move towards the free methods on  How to Get Rename Card in Pubg Mobile Free.

But keep in mind if you get 2 Rename Cards in a day, you can only change your name one-time in a day. while changing your name you should be careful and check the name twice to ensure this is the right one you want to change.

Now we will discuss the methods below to Get Free Rename Card in Pubg Mobile Season 14. But before that, if you haven’t read our article on Control Recoil in PUBG Mobiledo read this article will help you a lot with recoil.

Best 3 Methods to Get the ‘Rename Card’ in PUBG Mobile 2020 Season 14

Method 1 – Complete Level 10 Progress Missions To Get a Free Rename Card:

We were wondering that there should be free methods to get a rename card. We searched a lot and finally found a free and easy method to get an Id card. You can get a Rename ID Card from progress missions. Don’t worry you don’t need to reach for the 100 level.

How to Get Rename Card in Pubg Mobile Season 14
How to Get Rename Card in Pubg Mobile Again

The Rename Id Card you can get free while you pass the 1-10 Progress Level Missions. We Ignore the mission and focus on the levels. Most of the players said that we have reached Level 10 but never got a Rename Card. But keep in mind the issue is with the mission in each level, that you need to complete.

The requirement for the ID Card is not just reaching level 10, but completing all the mission which are on each level. After that, once you get the rename card for free and you don’t know how to use it to change the Id name. Follow the instructions below to know more about How to use Rename Card in PUBG Mobile.

  1. If you are new users and want to change the name you need to Go to the ‘inventory’ option located below in the panel of your PUBG Mobile Screen.
  2. Scroll down you till the end where you will spot ‘Rename Card’.
  3. Tap to use it and change the name according to your preferences.
  4. Click OK! Done.

But what we need to do if In case we already achieved and used Level 10 Rename card, and looking to Another Rename Card in Pubg Mobile. Don’t worry we also have another method which is also useful to get a free extra Rename Card.

Method 2 Returning User Rewards After a Week

To get a Rename ID Card for another time you need to be patient. This Method only requires the Patient not for a long time at least only for a week. But we know it is impossible not to play PUBG Mobile for a week. For this issue, we can only suggest you play PUBG Mobile using another Id or playing like a guest for some time that you do not get bored.

How to Get Free Id Rename Card in Pubg Mobile

Once the week completes sign in to your account. Where you will see a bunch of returning missions in the events tab. These are the easiest mission you ever seen you just need to reach 400 activity points to get your Free Rename Card for the second time.

What to do if we also achieved the returning user’s, Rename Card? Be Patient! you can also follow our third method to get unlimited ID Cards for PUBG Mobile.

Method 3 By playing Crew Challenges

To get unlimited Rename Cards in PUBG Mobile you need to play Crew Challenges daily. Crew Challenges reward is based on the points you make, and the points are based on the kills. So try to kill as many enemies as you can in the game.

Also, try to survive until the end of the game as you can. Survival in the crew is also important and as an impact on the points, you get at the end. Also, be a medic and revive your teammates and heal your health as many times as you can.

Try to keep an aim of 250-300 Crew Points in a single match to get unlimited Rename ID Cards. If you don’t know how to buy the rename card from crew shop using crew points, follow the instructions below:

How to get Rename Card using Crew Points 2020?

  1. Use the PUBG Mobile Panel and Go to the ‘Crew‘ option.
  2. Where you can find Shop Panel. Tap on the ‘Shop‘ option.
  3. Here you can see lots of rewards available in Crew Shop. You can get Rename Card by only spending 200 Crew Points.
  4. Once you get a rename Id Card you can change the name of your interest.

Closing Thoughts

If you still having the Problem following these methods please do let us know by using the comment section or contacting us using our contact us page.

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