PUBG Mobile Tips&Tricks: How to Change Your Name in Pubg Mobile With Symbols

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Today we will discuss the most important topic on Pubg mobile name symbol “How to Change Name in Pubg Mobile“, This topic will be beneficial for those who didn’t create an account in PUBG Mobile. Also, it will helpful for the ones who already created an account but the name isn’t that attractive and cool.

Follow the article to Change Your Name In Pubg Mobile in seconds.

Change Your Name in Pubg Mobile – Step By Step Guide

Gamers are eager to play games online to become popular, But we have seen most of the pro players don’t play online games with the real names. They play with the names which look attractive and cool and easy to pronounce.

There are many streamers who have to build their brand authority using their names in playing PUBG Mobile Game. these Streamers have thousands of fans, who want to follow the streamers they love. But the problem occurs while changing their names in PUBG Mobile because during account creation they already put a random and ordinary name in a hurry now they are facing a problem.

PUBG mobile allows its users to change their name once a day only if you have a Rename Id Card. Then the problem starts from here hundreds of fans ask “How to Change Name in Pubg Mobile?” using Special Symbols. Now we will guide you in not only in changing your name but also guide you to make it more amazing and attractive with symbols.

How To Change Your Name in Seconds

The question is can we change our name in PUBG Mobile once we have already set it? Most of the users ask this question and we always have an answer for them, That is “Yes” the three-letter word that makes a smile for everyone face.

Rename Card(Image Credit:

If you already set your name then you can directly jump on the section of “How To Get Rename Card in PUBG Mobile“, There you will get your answer with your new name. If not then follow the article till the end.

Well if you are playing PUBG Mobile for a long time you can remember that there wasn’t any method to change your name. But Gradually PUBG Mobile updates made it easy to change your name in seconds. But also need some resources to complete it.

Below is the Step by Step Procedure of PUBG Change Name in Seconds:

  • First of all Open PUBG Mobile and go to the Main Screen.
  • At the bottom menu, you will find inventory click on it.
  • Find the Crate Icon on the right menu.
  • Click on Rename Card (If you have in your inventory) & Tap on Use.
  • Now you need to Enter your New Name your like. Once you entered your name Tap on OK
  • After a few minutes, your new name will appear, it will take some time so don’t panic.

Note: Be careful while changing your name in PUBG Mobile especially if you have only one Rename Id Card. Check your name and spelling twice and thrice a time to confirm it.

How To Free Get Rename Card in PUBG Mobile

People also do ask questions on how to get a free rename card? is there any possible way to get a free card? And we always say “Yes” you can Get free ID Cards in PUBG Mobile to Change Your Name. But you need to follow different methods to have a card. We are not going to waste our time on the methods that we already posted.

Change Nickname Card

If you want to Read Our Article on How to Get Free Rename Cards Following Three Methods Click the link below:

Free Rename Cards for Changing Name

How to Change Name in PUBG with Symbols[2 Methods]

Here are two methods you can follow, which will help you in Pubg Mobile Change Name in seconds.

Method – 1: Using The Third-Party Websites

Now its time to Change PUBG Mobile Name Using Special Symbols, First of all, you need to find a source that provides Special Symbols, wait! wait! don’t worry special symbols are free to use you don’t need to pay. Most of the sources are third-party websites that provide a list of symbols that free and attractive.
Special Symbols
Special Symbols For PUBG Mobile(Image Credit:
Below is a list of Third-Party Website where you can find lots of Free Special Symbols:

Method – 2: Copying Other Players Names

The other method that I personally used is to copy other Top Player’s names and paste them on the name changing panel, Where I only use the Symbols that I like. You can also follow this procedure if you like it. It is very easy and you will get lots of free Symbols to change your name accordingly.

But note that you cannot use the exact name and symbols of the players that already exist.

How To Use Special Symbols in PUBG Mobile Names?

As we all know there is no option for Special characters in Keypads/Keyboards, All you have to do is search for a Third-party website or you can use anyone from the above list we mentioned. Or you can follow our second method too depending on your choice.

You just need to select the fonts and symbols according to your preferences, once you select a name then you need to follow our instructions to change your PUBG Mobile Name.

Here is the list on how you can use the symbol in PUBG Mobile to Change any name:

  • First of all, you need to select any of the methods above.
  • IF you selected the Third-Party Method Than you need to visit any of the websites mention above and select or choose a font and special symbol of your choice.
  • Then click on the Name or jus Copy the name and open PUBG Mobile game on PC/Android/Ios.
  • Then search for the inventory that is at the bottom menu of the Home Screen.
  • Now Tap on “Create Icon” which is on the right-hand bottom corner. Tap on it.
  • Once the tab is opened you will find a Rename Card (If you already have any), tap on it.
  • Now you can see “Use” tag, tap on it you will able to see a new pop-up window will open. Asking Players to change their name.
  • You just need to paste the name you copied. then tap OK.

List of PUBG Mobile Names with Special Symbols 2020

We also brought you a list of names with special symbols you can use them to jealous your friends with attractive and pretty cool names.

List of PUBG Nicknames
Nicknames With Symbols for PUBG Mobile(Image Credit:
  • 『P么1N』 oP
  • SquadName々Name
  • SquadNameジName
  • SquadName个Name
  • Xx-DΞΛDSH0T-xX
  • T€RM¡[email protected]●R
  • sυραяι кιℓℓεя
  • 亗『SH¥LAN』亗
  • M̷O̷N̷S̷T̷E̷R̷
  • ĐàRkÇlöwn•ツ

Closing Thoughts

We have researched a lot about on How to Change Name in Pubg Mobile 2020, we hope you like our article. If you have any queries regarding this please feel free to ask.

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