PUBG Mobile Halloween Event Lobby, Halloween Special AKM, M416 Skins – Upgradable Upto 7 levels

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As always in PUBG Mobile Halloween Event is the most favorite Episode of every PUBG Lover, especially me. Now Halloween is on 31st October 2020 PUBG Mobile is trying to make this event so special for the players.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Event Update 2020

Halloween is going to be a dramatic event ever. In this event players able to experience a horror Themed Lobby, a Special Upgradable AKM Skin, and an Upgradable M416 Skin.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Lobby Theme

First for the PUBG Mobile is going to introduce a New Halloween Themed Lobby which is looking so great. we have already posted a detailed article on PUBG Mobile Season 15 New Themes and layout if you have missed the article you can use the link below to know more about the Halloween Theme.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Event Lobby Theme
Halloween Event Lobby Theme
PUBG Mobile New User Interfaces 

Halloween Special Upgradable AKM Gun Skin

There is also Upgradable AKM Skin in waiting in Halloween Episode, Players need to save some UC for this amazing gun skin. Chances are high to get this AKM skin in this event with minimum UC but also depending on luck. Don’t worry we will share all the information regarding this AKM Upgradable skin.

You can Upgrade this AKM Skin up to 7 levels, during each level you will get a new upgrade or increment in gun feature or gun appearance. you able also able to get a kill message and a loot crate in this AKM event.

AKM Upgradable Skin – Level 1

You can see the picture below, it is the Level 1 Upgradable AKM Skin with blue and Orange color having pumpkin on its left side makes it more attractive and Halloween special.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Special Upgradable AKM Gun Skin(Level 1)
Halloween Special Event Upgradable AKM Gun Skin- Level 1 – (Image Credit: Classified YT)

AKM Upgradable Skin – with Kill Message

Kill message is the only to distract the match lobby towards your name, each time you kill an enemy with an upgradable gun the message shows up on the left top corner. There is a huge difference between an ordinary gun message and an upgradable gun message.

Ordinary kill message has a low ratio of attracting lobby opponents towards your kills while Upgradable gun message attracts about 99.9% of opponents towards your kills. The basic purpose of this feature is to show off and makes others believe that there is a pro player in the lobby.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Special Upgradable AKM Gun Skin With Kill Message
Halloween Special Upgradable AKM Gun Skin With Kill Message(Image Credit: Classified YT)

Well if we look at the kill message of Halloween AKM Gun Skin, the appearance matches the Gun Skin. The color of the Message panel is also blue with a Pumpkin on the left side.

AKM Upgradable Skin – Loot Crate

Loots crates generally hold the resources of the enemies killed by you or your teammates. But having an ordinary loot crate will not prove you to be a pro gamer. If you want to look like a pro player then you need to upgrade a gun up to the ultimate level.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Special Upgradable AKM Gun Loot Crate
Halloween Special Upgradable AKM Gun Loot Crate(Image Credit: Classified YT)

Well, we can see this crate matches the color, patterns, and appearance with the Upgradable AKM Gun. The color of the crate is blue and having pumpkin in the middle, which makes it a perfect match with Kill message and AKM Gun.

AKM Upgradable Skin – Level 7(Ultimate Level)

Level 7 is the last upgrade of a gun that is upgradable and is called the Ultimate level. However, some guns last for 5 levels but that is something different. But, fortunately, This Halloween Event AKM Upgradable Skin has 7 levels that need to be upgraded.

So, We suggest all pro and average(Like Me) players save some of your UC for this event, who knows this time your luck makes to happen for you.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Special Upgradable AKM Gun Skin Ultimate Level
Halloween Special Upgradable AKM Gun Skin Level 7(Ultimate Level)[Image Credit: Classified YT]
Well if we talk about level 7 of this AKM, it looks so great and more attractive then level 1. Color and the pumpkin are the same but you will get some extra touching and extra patterns.

Halloween Special Upgradable M416 Gun Skin

It’s not over yet, I told you that Halloween event is going to be one of the best events in PUBG Mobile event’s history. You are not only going to get an AKM Upgradable Skin but also an M416 Upgrable skin. Sorry, I told you all to save some of your UC for AKM, but now we all need to save a lot of UC if we want to get both Gun Skins.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Special Upgradable M416 Gun Skin with Kill Message(Level 1)

M416 Upgradable Skin – Level 1

I always wanted an Upgradable m416 skin but unfortunately never get one, I tried a lot for M416 Glacier skin to but went all in vain(well that’s the luck we can’t do anything with it). Luck is something we can’t do anything with it all we can do is to move according to or move with luck.

Well, I already decided that first, I will prefer M146 Gun if get it then I will move towards AKM Skin. But you can go according to your preferences there is no suggestion from my side, you can go any of the ones you like or can try both of them if you are Rich.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Special Upgradable M416 Gun Skin(Level 1)
Upgradable M416 Gun Skin(Level 1)[Image Credit: Classified YT]
Now time to move towards the main topic, If we talk about the M416 appearance: Level 1 is much different from level 7. Level 1 has only one color that is brown but there is also a ring-type material on the top of Magazine (i don’t know what it is exactly!) But looks great with it.

M416 Upgradable Skin – with Kill Message

The Kill message of this gun matches the ultimate level of the gun with brown patterns, a jungle material type on the left has blue, red, and brown colors.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Special Upgradable M416 Gun Skin with Kill Message(Level 1)
Level 1 – Upgradable M416 Gun Skin with Kill Message[Image Credit: Classified YT]

M416 Upgradable Skin – Loot Crate

Loot Crate is the exact match of the m416 level 7 gun, if you compare both of them you will find no difference(in terms of color and materials).

Halloween Special Upgradable M416 Gun Loot Crate
M416 Gun Loot Crate Halloween Special[Image Credit: Classified YT]

Upgradable M416 Skin – Level 7(Ultimate Level)

If I’m Planning to spends lots of UC for M416 only because of level 7 appearance. level 1 is not good that enough but level 7 is mind-blowing. At level 7 we will get some extra colors red and blue, also with threads and feathers on the ring type that makes it much more attractive.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Special Upgradable M416 Gun Skin With Loot Crate(Level 7)
Halloween Event M416 Upgradable Skin – Level 7(Ultimate Level)[Image Credit: Classified YT]

Closing Thoughts

That’s is not the end there is also a great surprise hidden in this PUBG Mobile Halloween Event, but we need to confirm it before posting an article on it. Soon we will confirm this news and share it will you all. Also, share on which gun you are going to Spend UC.

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