Hail Esports: Champion of PMPL THAILAND 2023 Spring – go for PMSL

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Hail Esports won the champion PMPL Spring 2023

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Thailand 2023 Spring has just ended on February 25th after 10 days of intense competition between the 20 best Thai teams. At the end of the PUBG Mobile Pro League Thailand Spring 2023, team HAIL Esports won the championship with a total score of 388. Most of their points came in the first week, guaranteeing them a spot in PUBG. Mobile Super League (PMSL) Spring 2023. The team also won a $15,000 cash prize from the Tournament Stage. They will be preparing for the PUBG MOBILE SUPER LEAGUE international battle this March.

PUBG Mobile team and players

Hail Esports Vs Other Competitors 

This is a nationwide e-sports battle that brings together the top 20 national teams competing to find the only strong team participating in the PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) international tournament against 15 other teams from all Southeast Asia.

During the two weeks, the competition was fierce. Starting from the first week, the HAIL Esports team has done a great job, scoring a total of 200 points in a team. It was also the first team to score 100 points before any other team. Day 3, and followed by a WWCD victory, far ahead of the other teams.

On a new team but still full of experienced players like XERXIA, it works equally well. Although they are 69 points away from first place, they still firmly hold second place on the scoreboard. Third place is TEM Entertainment. Still sticking with a total score of 150 points.

PUBG Mobile team and players

As for the 4th place, Vampire Esports is next to each other with 149 points, which is still an interesting statistic. Because in the first week they were unable to win WWCD once. This means that the majority of Vampire Esports scores are almost entirely from elimination points. This is one of the strongest teams in the Thailand region, they ended up taking second place with players like Noozy and SchwepXz leading the team. They dominated the competition for the second week, setting new records.

Bacon Time, another seasoned team, came in third with consistent performances throughout 10 games. The team has become a phenomenon, claiming top spots with players like AumStyle, ShirtyS and ICE handling the bulk of the work. The team accumulated 306 points and received a $5,250 cash reward.

Buriram United Esports and Bermuda Esports also performed well and took 4th and 5th place respectively with 299 and 257 points. The weaker team Bermuda Esports especially impressed with their resilience. However, The Infinity, one of Thailand’s most popular teams, had a rough time this season and only finished in eighth place after several roster changes.

PUBG Mobile PMPL 2023 Thailand Spring Overall Rankings Top 5

  1. HAIL Esports
  2. Vampire Esports
  3. Bacon Time
  4. Buriram United Esports
  5. Bermuda Esports

While Vampire Esports may have missed out on the #1 spot, there’s no denying that every single player on their team is second to none. In addition to seasonal value, both Noozy and SchewepXz also brought home notable individual categories.

Players’ Performances 

Players from several teams also showcased their talents in the PUBG Mobile PMPL 2023 Thailand Spring. The event showcased the skills of players from different teams, with Noozy from Vampire Esports proving to be one of the best with 69 shards and 17296 HP total damage. Along with 57 assists, Noozy contributed 26% to the team. For his stellar performance, he was awarded the MVP of the Season and a $700 reward. 

Other notable awards in various categories include SchwepXz (Vampire Esports) for Gunslinger, Noozy (Vampire Esports) for Grenade Master, Concept (Buriram United Esports) for Eagle Eye and GETSLOW (HAIL Esports) for Survivor.

PUBG Mobile team and players

Some of the recipients in other categories are listed below:

  • SchwepXz (Vampire Esports): Gunslinger – $375
  • Noozy (Vampire Esports): Grenade Master – $375
  • Concept (Buriram United Esports): Eagle Eye – $375
  • GETSLOW (HAIL Esports): Survivor – $375
  • SchwepXz (Vampire Esports): Field Medic – $375


In a nutshell, HAIL Esports became the champions of PMPL Thailand Spring 2023, demonstrating their dominance throughout the event. Other strong teams like Vampire Esports and Bacon Time also proved their worth with impressive performances during the season. The event highlighted each player’s skills, with Noozy from Vampire Esports being named the MVP of the Season.

And the final result was that HAIL Esports team was the one who won against Vampire Esports with the final score only within 15 points, helping HAIL Esports receive a direct ticket to attend the upcoming PMSL tournament. in March. PUBG MOBILE’s hottest battleground of 2023 has just begun. Next station is PMSL! PMSL Spring 2023 will reveal who is the best of the best of the winners in each region. Be prepared to follow news and details on our website!