How to Enable Guncraft in Pubg Mobile

New Guncraft Firearm Feature in PUBG Mobile – Lets Customize Guns

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Everyone wants to know about the new Guncraft Firearm Feature in PUBG Mobile. In this article, we will explain lots of facts about Guncraft Firearm in PUBG Mobile. Here Players are allowed to customize their guns.

Recently PUBG Mobile released 0.18.0 Update and brought lots of new amazing and unique features. But Guncraft Firearm is one of the most favorite features in the history of PUBG Mobile.

Still, lots of players don’t know how to use a gun craft feature. Lots of questions also surrounding in PUBG Community regarding Guncraft Firearm. Here we have listed the topics we will discuss:

  • What is Guncraft Firearm Feature in PUBG Mobile?
  • How To Enable Guncraft in PUBG Mobile?
  • How To Use Guncraft Firearm in PUBG Mobile?
  • How To Get Free S12K Shotgun Skin Free in Guncraft Firearm?
  • Guncraft Firearm Pubg Achievements.

What is Guncraft Firearm Feature in PUBG Mobile?

In Guncraft Firearm players can customize their gun skins. This option is available in the workshop Tab. Guncaraft uses different components to craft their guns are as follow:

  • Colors.
  • Textures.
  • Patterns.
  • Stickers.

All you need to know that some of the colors and stickers are available to customize your guns. In addition, some of the textures, colors, and patterns will be available after spending UC. But you will get a free spin daily, if you are lucky you will have some textures and patterns or colors too.

Guncraft Firearm in Pubg Mobile
Guncraft Finishes Pubg Mobile

How To Enable Guncraft in PUBG Mobile?

Many of our followers asked how to enable the Guncraft feature in PUBG Mobile. Look a week ago Guncraft in PUBG was not available for anyone. But now in the recent minor update, this feature is available globally. now you don’t need to use tricks to enable the Guncraft Firearm in Pubg Mobile. It is available in your account’s workshop tab. Click on it to use it. If you still facing this issue you can watch some of the YouTubers videos on how to enable Guncraft Firearm in PUBG Mobile. Take a Look at the list below:

We hope this will help you to solve your problems regarding Gun Craft Pubg Mobile.

How To Use Guncraft Firearm in PUBG Mobile?

  • A brief guide on using Guncraft tinkerer in PUBG Mobile.
  • Customize and make unique gun skins using the new PUBG Mobile tool.

As PUBG Mobile is not going to stop and surprising its users by announcing impressive updates. Tencent knows well how to engage its users in the game by continuous updates. Most of the updates bring new features in the game. New updates have the option to get new outfits, skins, or weapons.

Recently PUBG developers released a new feature called Guncraft Firearm. Look like most PUBG users are loving this feature. Because this feature allows it’s users to craft their guns according to their preferences.

It is very easy to use this feature but we also here to instruct you how to use it:

  1. You can find this option in the workshop tab at the lobby of your game.
  2. Click on it to open a new interface.
  3. Here on the right side, you will able to find different colors and texture options. you can choose one of the colors or scroll down to see more colors and texture.
  4. Or you can also click on the second tab to see and use stickers.
  5. Once you select a texture of sticker you can able to zoom it in and out accordingly also you are able to rotate it.
  6. Each gun is divide into 4 parts and each part, you want to customize is required to be selected.

We prefer each player to use Guncraft Firearm in Pubg Mobile.

How To Get Free S12K Shotgun Skin Free in Guncraft Firearm?

For the first time, Guncraft Firearm Pubg Mobile allows you a free spin. This spins provides lots of colors, stickers, patterns, and textures. the first spin is free after that each spin costs you 60 UC.

Guncraft in Pubg
Guncraft Firearm in Pubg

The Players can obtain a free S12K Shotgun skin using the Gun Craft Firearm Pubg Mobile. We have already published a detailed post on How to Get a free S12K Skin in Guncraft. You can click the link and get your S12K Skin today.

Guncraft in Pubg Mobile
How to Get Guncraft in Pubg

The players can obtain a free S12K skin after the player uses the gun craft spin once.

Guncraft Firearm Pubg Achievements

You will also happy to know about the new Guncraft Firearm Achievements that are recently released. It is a better chance for the player who is low on achievement points. This achievement is very easy to complete but first, you need to know and understand the requirements of these achievements. This achievement is known as “Do it Your Self“. information about this achievement is list below:

Guncraft Firearm Pubg Achievements Images
Guncraft Firearm Pubg Achievements
  • First of all click on the achievement Panel and select the general tab.
  • Then on the 3rd number, you can see the achievement named Do it Your Self.
  • Click on it, here you can see 3 tasks.
  • Each task you complete you will be rewarded a gift.
  • You just need to do is to kill enemies using your crafted gun you just customized using Guncraft Finishes Pubg Mobile Feature.
    • For the first ten(10) kills you will get 1000 BP Coins and 5 Achievement Points.
    • For 50 Kills you will get 100 AG Currency and 10 Achievement Points.
    • For 150 Kills you will get 3 Classic Crate Scrape Coupons and 15 Achievement Points.
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