PUBG Mobile GROZA - Stats, Attachments Setup & Skins

PUBG MOBILE TIPS: GROZA Gun In Pubg Mobile [2020]

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Groza Gun in Pubg Mobile is an assault weapon that only obtained from the airdrops which only supplies during Gameplay. Groza Gun in pubg mobile has its status due to its performance in short, long, and medium-range combat fight.

Groza in pubg mobile fires 7.62mm round ammo in two modes of fire, single and fully automatic mode. Which deals a lot of damage with your opponents during close, medium, and also in the long-range fight. Groza has a very high-speed rate of Firing which makes this gun best for fighting in close range.

GROZA Gun Stats & Tier

As we discussed Groza in pubg mobile before so now its time to tell you some secrets of this assault rifle of Battel Ground, let’s look on the power of Groza Gun it has the power of 49- 50 with a range of 40 higher than another assault rifle present in pubg mobile.

How Much Power of Groza Gun?

Due to the best performance GROZA Gun is a special gun in pubg, the recoil of Groza GUN is very low then others its max up to 35 to 38 with attachments. Some attachments make Groza more special to pubg lovers.

GROZA – Attachments Setup

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For the short-range, we use the following attachment in Groza Weapon, Red Dot, and use of the suppressor with Groza killer gun in short-range combat. using of 3x and 4x make this gun best for the medium-range where attaching 6x scope to Groza will give you high damage in the long-range fight.

GROZA Skin Lucky Crate Opening PUBG Mobile

How to Get Free Groza Gun Skin In Pubg Mobile

AS  every pubg mobile lover knows the king of an assault rifle “Groza”. Gammer likes to get this gun as soon as possible that’s why they try to find and go behind the air dorp or try to find Flair Guns to get Groza and go for the fight to score high killing rate in gameplay.

The best part of this gun “Groza” is its unique gun skins which make this gun more stylish and attractive than other Assault Rifles present in pubg mobile. Now Question is How To Get Free Groza Gun Skin In pubg Mobile? Don’t worry stay with us to know the tips and tricks of getting Free Groza Skin without spending any UC and money.

First of all, you need to wait for the events the pubg mobile company announces different events, and during these events, they give skins to their users, you also get these skin by Redeem codes. For more information about Redeem codes click here.

You can get  Groza Skin Free in pubg Mobile just go for the royal pass and the pubg mobile give free skin Reward for there Premium users. Also, you get the skin opening different premium, classical and other crates, crates can be collected by different methods mostly they collected by completing achievement and mission.

How to Get The Skulls  skin for Groza                         Groza  Blue Dimension 

 Skulls  skin for Groza                           Groza  Blue Dimension skin



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