Get M416 Glacier Skin Free Event

How to Get M416 Glacier Skin Free in PUBG Mobile Halloween Event – Season 15

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Are you a lover of M416 Glacier Skin? Do you spend lots of UC to get M416 Glacier Skin? but, unable to get it. Don’t worry today we have a piece of good news for you all who love to get M416 Glacier Gun Skin, In Season 15 PUBG Mobile is going yo announce an event in which we will get glacier skin of M416 gun.

This event is probably going to happen in the Halloween Episode of the game which is coming on 31 October 2020. It is a brilliant chance to get M416 Glacier Skin Permanently.

Keep in mind this is going to be an event, not a redeem code, all you need to do is to wait for the event and once the event started you will get daily missions to complete.

Still, there is no such news about how long this event going to last. But we know the excitement of the players about the gun. We all want a rare gun and especially an upgradable gun, I always wanted to have an upgradable gun skin, tried a lot but didn’t get anyone.

Get M416 Glacier Skin Free in PUBG Mobile Halloween Event – Season 15

Before we explain some other facts about this event you all need to know about this gun and how many levels you can upgrade m416 glacier skin in PUBG Mobile.

What is M416 Glacier Skin?

There are lots of m416 gun skins released with various updates in PUBG Mobile, some of them are upgradable, some are not. M416 Glacier Skin is also one of the upgradable gun skin and, it is the only gun you can get it from the classic crate.

M416 Glacier Appearance makes this gun look amazing, like a gun that has been frost for years. In this skin, you will also get more features like “Bullet Hit Effect, Kill Message, and a beautiful Crate”.

M416 Glacier Skin and Its Levels

We all know that this gun is upgradable to 7 levels, each level will give you an extra functionality or feature of m416. but today we will discuss all levels of m416 Glacier Skin.

Upgradable M416 Glacier Gun Skin
M416 Upgradable Glacier Skin in PUBG Mobile

Basic – Level 1

This is the first level of m416 glacier skin, for this level you don’t need any material or paint to upgrade it. When you get m416 glacier gun skin using the classic crate the level of the gun will be basic. When you want to upgrade this gun further you will require some materials with paint too.

Kill Effect – Level 2

Kill effect is different from kill message, kill effect will take action when you kill an enemy on the spot while the kill message is the panel which shows who killed whom.

When you upgrade the to level 2 you will get a new feature to M416 Glacier Skin which is “Kill Effect”.

Upgraded – Level 3

You need to require a number of materials and paints for this level. This level works with the M416 Gun appearance and it will make it look more frost then the previous one.

Kill Message – Level 4

Level 4 is the best upgrade level for m416 Glacier skin, here you will get a kill message for your glacier m416 gun.

On-Hit-Effect – Level 5

On-Hit-Effect and Kill Effect are not the same, Kill effect occurs when you kill an enemy while On-Hit-Effect occurs whenever your bullet hits enemy body parts.

Ultimate – Level 6

Level 6 is the ultimate level of m416 glacier skin, it will make it to look denser and frost.

Loot Crate – Level 7

This is the last m416 Glacier Skin level, here you will get a snow type loot crate for you m416. This is the most favorite level of M416 Glacier Gun.

Methods of Getting M416 Glacier Gun Skin for Free

There are different legal methods to get your m416 glacier Gun skin for free. Most of the time you will find only two methods to get glacier Gun Skin but today we are going to introduce you with a new way to get the glacier skin for free.

Here is the list of methods to get m416 glacier skin:

Get M416 Glacier Skin Using Redeem Codes (Success Ratio: 5%)- Method#1

The method one to get Glacier Skin for M416 is using redeem codes, It is a legal way to get the gun but in this method, chances are too low to get any type of material.

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code
PUBG Mobile Redemption Center

You need to be sharp and quick to get any item while using redeem codes because there are lots of players waiting for the redeem codes. The chances are too low for getting any item, most of the time only 100 players can get an item with a redeem code while the players are in thousands.

We also wrote an article on Redeem codes if you are interested to check them click on the link below:

Get M416 Glacier Skin Using Classic Crate (Success Ratio: 0.001%) – Method#2

The second method to get m416 is to use lots of classic crates basically means spending lots of UC. UC is not affordable for everyone some of the players are a millionaire who can afford to spend real money on UC. But players like me are waiting for a miracle to get Galicer skin for m416 which seems to be impossible.

PUBG Mobile Classic Crates
PUBG Mobile Classic Crates

While you are relying on classic crates to get the gun skin is just wasting your time, you can see the success ratio that is too low. You are not going to get the Glacier Skin even opening 1000 classic crates.

So many players ask, what to do to get the Get M416 Glacier Skin Free without spending real money. We didn’t have an answer to this question for decades but, now we have a Great News Surrounding all over the community.

But before we explain what the news is you need to check our latest news regarding PUBG Mobile, the link is below we have lots of interesting news like this one. Go Check them now:

Get M416 Glacier Skin Using The Upcoming Halloween Event (Success Ratio: 100%) – Method#3

You are going to be Mad to know that we also have a third method with 100% Success Ratio. We also need to confirm the news but all we know is that PUBG Mobile is planning to release an event where Players can get the m416 Glacier Skin for Free using an event.

This event will be based on Halloween event and we need to complete some simple mission on a daily basis. Each time we complete a mission we get closer to m416. I’m also excited to have this gun in my inventory if I get this gun I’m going to upgrade it to level 7.

Also, share your thoughts about what you are planning to do after getting M416 Glacier Skin.

Closing Thoughts

This article is based on helping our reader to get M416 Glacier Skin for Free also the success rate is 100%. If you have any other news regarding how to get M416 Glacier Skin for Free please let us know.

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