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How To Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile in 2020| Top 8 Ways| Tips&Tricks

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Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile in 2020

As we all know that PUBG Mobile has become the most demanding game in the world and broke many records. Moreover, it has generated more than 150$ million of Revenue last year. Pubg has two currencies UC and BP where UC stands for Unknown Cash while BP stands for.BP can be earned by playing the game while UC Can be earned by spending Real Money.

Where you can buy 60 UC using 1 USD Dollar later, each UC can be used to Buy Outfits, Vehicle Skins, Weapon Skins, Royale Pass, Elite Pass, and much more. But the main problem the people face is that to buy or draw anything in PUBG Mobile is too expensive and most of the people do not afford the price of the item. so that’s is why we brought the best ways for you to get free Uc in PUBG Mobile.

8 Best Methods To Get Free UC PUBG Mobile [IN 2020]

As we already told you that PUBG Mobile has become the most popular game in the genre of Battle Royale and most of its users are Kids and Teenagers. Who are eager to buy all of the items available in each royale pass. however upgrading your pass into Royale Pass or in Elite Pass is also expensive and required lots of UC.

To have lots of Outfits, Gun Skins, Vehicle Skins, Emotes you are required to upgrade your pass. But we all know that the majority of the people who play PUBG Mobile are kids and teenagers and only have one source of income that is their guardians. Now it is the time to fulfill your dreams by reading this article which is about PUBG  Mobile Free UC.

In this Paragraph, we brought you a list of 10 Methods that will lead you to get free UC in PUBG Mobile. The methods in this article are unique and genuine and we guarantee you that if you follow these methods accordingly you will have Free PUBG UC in your account.

1. Participate in Giveaways

Firstly, This method is based on your luck if you think you are lucky and can win a giveaway then you must participate in giveaways. Most of the giveaways are organized by the Popular Youtubers, PUBG Mobile Content Creators Streamers, and individual. If only need to do this to follow Youtubers and Streamers day by day to get in touch with them and wait for them to organize giveaways.

Basically, they announce different giveaways some of them are Royale Pass Giveaway, Popularity Giveaway, and most importantly UC Giveaways. The UC Giveaways will allow you to have PUBG UC free online If you are lucky. BeloYoutubers and Streamers follow them today!

You can also follow Youtuber and Streamers on different Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Nimo TV, Discord.


There are lots of YouTubers who organize Free UC Giveaways for PUBG Mobile and for your ease we have listed some of the popular Streamer below you just need to reach them today.

Popular Streamers:

But Keep in mind that most of the Royale Pass giveaways are organized in the first week of the new Season. So do not miss it.

2. Participate In Custom Rooms and Tournaments To Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile

In the first method, we told that YouTuber organize different UC Giveaways in PUBG Mobile which is based on your luck. But secondly, Youtubers and Streamers also organize contests, tournaments, and custom rooms which are based on your skills.

Here is a piece of good news for the players who are not rich in their luck or in other words they can’t rely on their luck. Therefore this method is for them who believe in their skills can participate in these tournaments to get free UC PUBG Mobile. Like the giveaway, you need to keep in touch with the YouTubers and streamers who organize custom rooms and tournaments and the best places to follow them are Youtube, Instagram, and Discord.


Some Good Examples of Youtubers who organize these tournaments:

Also, some apps will give you points for each kill or each win when you do in PUBG MOBILE. Later those points can be exchanged in Free UC. Below is the list of Apps that will lead you to PUBG Free UC.

Some Popular Apps Used For PUBG Mobile Free UC.

These apps are trusted and guaranteed to give you rewards that can be used to get PUBG Mobile Free UC.

3. Play In-Game Option Bonus Challenge

If you are a PUBG Player you are aware of Bonus Challenge which is an in-game option in PUBG Mobile. That lets you win a certain amount of Bonus coins on each game win. Late the player will be able to redeem those Bonus Coins onto different Free PUBG UC Packs, But first of all, you need some UC to Play Bonus Challenge gameplays.

The second method, where you can use it to earn bonus coins by watching ads. But this method is too slow to gain lots of bonus coins, we will suggest you not to waste your time in this method because this method to get free UC is required more time and fewer Bonus Coins.

Pubg Bonus Challenge Free Uc

But there is also a third way to get Lots of free PUBG UC forever. This most requires less effort, time and in result will give lots of PUBG Free UC. To get these free UC you need to play TDM Matches in the bonus Challenge Option.

You just need to go to Bonus Challenge and Select the TDM form the above dropdown here you will see matches that will start in their certain time. You have to wait and also need 240 bonus Coins to participate in the match. Each match creates an opportunity for PUBG Mobile Free UC.

4. Get Free PUBG Mobile UC By The Use of Google Opinion Rewards

The simplest and easiest way to earn free UC in PUBG mobile is the use of Google Opinion Rewards. If you want some rewards in the shape of money than this amazing app is for you. This Beautiful app is developed by Google so don’t worry the money is also real and you will get your reward. You have to Complete some simple surveys to get rewards.

You can download the app using your google play account. After that, you can start lots of surveys and get money in your account. later you can use the money in buying Free UC For PUBG mobile. is an amazing app from Google which rewards with money in your Google Play account for simple surveys.


But Always Remember there is a legal way when using google app, Don’t worry we are here to help you:

  • The Basic requirement for this app is GPS, make sure it is turned On.
  • Use your Precious time to complete the surveys.
  • Make sure each question as genuine Replay.
  • Visit more public places, showrooms, and restaurants.

It will take some time while replayings some questions. earning money is not easy. But to gain free UC we can do this.

5. Using Refer And Earn Apps

Refer apps are so easy for earning money but keep in mind that few apps will give you money each time you refer this app to others. Using this money will also help you to Buy Free UC for PUBG Mobile. Details and instructions are below read them carefully and earn money today.

Refer means to mention let suppose you have installed a and you like it very much that you also want your family members or friends must use it. then you mention this app to your friends but before that, you came to know that you refer someone to this app in return you will get some reward, like:”$5, $10, etc depending on the app policy”. so this is called refer apps.

Below is the list of referring apps and the amount you will get in return after referring a friend or family member.

List of Best Refer Apps 2020

HELO LuckyWords Zebpay App
300INR Per Refer 50INR Sign Up+50INR Per Refer 100INR Sign Up+100INR Per Refer

Use these Apps to Earn a small amount of money and exchange them in Free Pubg Mobile UC.

6. Get Free PUBG Mobile UC Using Lots of Online Money Making Apps

Just like Refer Apps also there are lots of Apps use to earn money available online. To earn money you need to complete simple tasks like watching videos, Daily Events, Objectives, Completing Surveys, Daily Spin, etc. First of all, you need to register your self in this app which is listed below because these are only Source o getting get free UC in PUBG Mobile.

List of Money Making Apps

7. Purchase a Subscription and Have Fun

In Addition, There is another in-game option Which is Better than getting Royale Pass. Here Pubg Mobile offers two options for monthly subscriptions. One is called Prime and the second is Prime Plus having these subscriptions instead of having Royale Pass more beneficial.

First of all, Prime Subscription costs you 0.99$ per month and gives you 150 UC while if you directly purchase UC you will get 60 UC in 1$. If we move towards Prime Plus Subscription it will cost you 9.99$ per month, wait wait. . . you don’t need to pay 9.99$ because for the first time the price for Prime plus Subscription is 4.99$ and you will get 900 UC of PUBG Mobile Currency.

You will have 300 UC at the time of Subscription and 600 UC is distributed per day means you will get 20 UC per day for the whole month. So you can see Subscription costs less and you get lots of Free PUBG Mobiles UC instead of Royale pass. if you buy a Prime Subscription you can use 600 UC to Upgrade your Pass and leading you to have 300 extra UC.

pubg prime plus Subscription

8. Use Google Play Gift Cards And Get Free PUBG Mobile UC

In Google Play Store there are lots of apps that give you money when you complete daily tasks and Surveys. One of the well-known apps is Google Play Gift Cards. Google Play Gift Cards assigns you some simple tasks on a daily basis and once you complete these tasks in return you will get rewards. Later these rewards can be used to purchase PUBG Free UC. Users only have to register themselves on google app.

IS PUBG UC Generator Genuine? OR How To Generate Free Uc in PUBG Mobile?

NO! Be aware of Scams and frauds any app that gives assures you that you will get free UC or generate UC for PUBG Mobile are Scammers. There is no concept of Free UC Generation and all these all illegal and as a result, your id will be banned or you will lose the privacy of your information.

In Conclusion

These all are the best and legal 8 methods to have free Pubg UC. We hope you liked the post we shared with you and please don’t forget to share this post with your friends and loved ones also save them from scammers and frauds before it gets too late. In Addition, you can also read or M416 Glacier Skin and M416 Orange Rugged Skin post to get free gun skins.

Also, try to reach us if you have any suggestions or have any doubts about the post. we will be happy to reply to you.

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