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PUBG MOBILE TIPS: How to Get Free Beryl M762 Skin [2020]

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Are you looking for getting Free Beryl M762 Skin without spending any UC or money than you are at right place here some tips and tricks which help you to get free of cost skin for Beryl M762 Skin which gives your different look in gameplay than others?

As we know that having different gun skin in Battel Ground [PUBG] gives you a different look and position in gameplay especially when you are going to stream or playing in any tournaments. Every player wishes are Getting free skin for their favorite gun in pubg mobile. But here you need to spend much uc which may cost very high.

Get Free Beryl M762 Skin 2020

Let’s share some tricks and tips that allow you to get your favorite Beryl M762 Skin absolute free, just follow the steps to get closer to your dreams. Getting free skin only by two procedures, Redeem codes and one is opening classical or premium crates.

Get Free Beryl M762 skin

How to Get Free Premium Coupons

For premium coupons, there is a simple way you just need to log in to your game id click on your sidebar which is on the right-hand side. Where you see the option of redeem, just click on the redeem option after clicking scroll down and where you saw some option related to premium and classical coupons. Now Redeem the premium or classical coupons with your silver coins.

Here is one question that may be in your mind that if you don’t have silver.  So don’t worry we have also a solution to your question. On the same sidebar, you need to search for the BP section after going through it now you will see buy silver coin option through spending BP. You will get only 25 silver at once just buy silver and redeem with coupons and collect the crates and wait for the event.


Triggers and Keychain Collection 2020

Also, Take a Look at the best PUBG Mobile Keychain Collection at a cheap rate. Here you can have lots of Keychains including Kar98k(Red Color Skin) with 8x Scope Keychain, Golden Pan Keychain, Level 3 Backpack(Keychain), Level 3 Chest Armour Keychain, Level 3 Helmet Keychain, M416 with 4x Scope(My Favorite) Keychain, Last but not the least with 2 Gaming Trigger. Here you will also get two gaming Triggers with Keychain collection 2020. Best Offer ever.  

PUBG Mobile Keychains

Another way to get free skin for your favorite gun using redeems codes. For more information about redeeming code visit our website.  Redeem code is available on pubg mobile official website which is only for a limited time, and limited users. Some time these redeem codes give skin permanently and usually they are for time-limited.

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How to Get Free Beryl M762 Naughty Christmas

Getting Naughty Christmas Beryl M762 free follow the step given above where just need and wait for the event whenever the event is announced you need to just open your crates. Or another way to collect Rating points completing missions don’t redeem your RP points just collect and wait for the redeem options that available in every season when every you saw your favorite Beryl M762 skin just redeem your RP points and busy crates which have 40 % chance of getting premium things.

Best Attachments For Beryl M762


How To Get Free Beryl M762 Skin?

Getting free skin only by two procedures, Redeem codes and one is opening classical or premium crates.


Beryl M762 have advantage them akm because of its attachments which control the recoil of Beryl M762 more than akm.

What are the Best Attachments For Beryl M762?

The best attachments for Beryl M762 are red dot, extended mag, and horizontal grip to control the recoil.

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