D’Xavier – The Journey From PUBG Mobile Vietnam’s “roadblock” to “golden hope” at SEA Games

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As the most successful team in PUBG Mobile Vietnam, D’Xavier has gone through a long process of growing up, striving and seemingly falling down. So today, these guys are having the opportunity to write a “golden dream” for PUBG Mobile Vietnam at SEA Games 31.

With the Vietnamese “running” community, D’Xavier is a very familiar name when this is the most successful team in PUBG Mobile Vietnam and regularly participates in major domestic and international tournaments. During the journey of nearly 3 years of playing professionally, D’Xavier has experienced many mixed joys and sorrows so that now, they become the “golden hope” for PUBG Mobile at the upcoming SEA Games. D’Xavier is expected by fans to win a gold medal for Vietnamese sports.

PUBG Mobile team and players

From passion to becoming a great “blocker”

D’Xavier was founded in mid-June 2018 by captain Dinh Duong “Rabiz” Thanh. Rabiz was the one who gathered the members to form D’Xavier. At first, this team was called X-Team and became the gathering place for many young PUBG Mobile talents such as Rabiz, Tduc, Khhoa, Pyn and Deadshot. Although just established, with the high skill of each member, X-Team has achieved initial success in small tournaments.

After a while, X-Team decided to change its name to Xavier and started the journey to find the first glory at PMCO Vietnam spring 2019. At that year’s tournament, Xavier with a lineup full of new names was born and made a strong impression when winning the top 3 overall. It seemed that this was the momentum for the next success, after that, XaVier suddenly stopped right from the fall qualifying round.

PUBG Mobile team and players

Not stopping there, Xavier members received a lot of criticism from the community when they were caught in the controversy of using game bugs in the PMPL Vietnam S1 qualifier. Especially when in the lineup there is Takaz – a famous YouTuber of PUBG Mobile. Experiencing many tournaments during the first 2 years of its establishment, Xavier always stopped at the position of the “stopper” of the championship team, but could not once step up to the highest position.

Journey to write history for PUBG Mobile Vietnam

After many members left to find a new place, captain Rabiz decided to bring in skilled players like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Franky, and the team also decided to change to a new name: D’Xavier. Since then, the journey to conquer the glory of Rabiz and his teammates has turned to a more glorious new page.

The addition of new members has brought many great achievements to D’Xavier. At PMPL VN S3, D’Xavier only won the top 5 in the Pro League round, but when entering the VN Finals round, Rabiz and his teammates performed excellently to step up to the championship in a convincing way. Not only that, this team also made a mark in international tournaments when it ranked 3rd in PMWI 2021 and won the runner-up position at PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 in Asia, thereby winning a ticket to the world final PMGC 2021.

Entering the biggest tournament of PUBG Mobile, D’Xavier had an unimpressive start, but then had an excellent comeback to enter the finals (League Finals) of PMGC 2021. Here, all The team with stable performance and safe tactics has successfully stopped at 5th place in PUBG Mobile World. This is also the highest achievement that a PUBG Mobile team from Vietnam has achieved in the international arena.

“Golden Dream” at SEA Games

As the team with the highest total score at PMPL Vietnam Season 3 & 4, D’Xavier has become the first name to represent Vietnam to attend SEA Games 31 PUBG Mobile. Coming to this tournament, D’Xavier brought the hope of bringing back the gold medal to the gold medal in the first time PUBG Mobile was present at the biggest sports festival in Southeast Asia.

PUBG Mobile team and players

For D’Xavier members, being a representative to attend the SEA Games is a great pride. Although this is not a tournament with a large prize money or an international scale like other tournaments they have attended, the SEA Games is an opportunity for D’Xavier to bring the whole PUBG Mobile Vietnam platform to a new level, new heights and more accepted by more people.


At SEA Games 31, D’Xavier will have to face other “strong” opponents in the region, especially the two teams The Infinity of Thailand and Geek Fa from Malaysia. However, looking at the performance and achievements that D’Xavier has achieved in the past tournaments, fans can fully hope for a gold medal in PUBG Mobile at this SEA Games. If you are a fan of this team, let’s cheer for D’Xavier and the Vietnamese representatives so that they have more confidence to bring glory to the country’s sports!