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Control AKM Recoil – How To Reduce AKM Recoil in PUBG Mobile

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Today you will happy to know that we wrote an article on the most important topic on how to control AKM Recoil Gun in PUBG Mobile. here we will look out some important tips to control AKM Recoil.

Most of the players are unable to control the recoil of AKM while spraying on enemies. But we all know that AKM is the most important and powerful Assault Rifles in the game and with the right attachment it will bring down lots of enemies even a squad.

Having difficulty in controlling the AKM Recoil most of the players avoid using it in the long-range. But practice makes a Man Perfect, having best attachments for AKM and practice will make you conqueror in controlling the Recoil of AKM.

AKM Recoil Control PUBG Mobile Explained 2020

Today we will only focus on controlling AKM Recoil.

Facts You Should Know About Recoil & Stats of the AKM in PUBG Mobile

AKM Hit Damage Image
AKM Hit Damage

If we talk about the hit damage of AKM in PUBG Mobile, it has the highest hit damage and can easily bring down the enemy. However, if you can’t control the recoil and unable to focus to aim perfectly the enemy will get advantage and knock you down first.

Look! having a gun with the highest hit damage is good but isn’t perfect. Along with the highest hit damage, you will also need the skill to control the aim and recoil of the gun. Otherwise, you will never able to knock as many enemies as streams do.

Using AKM in a short-range with full auto burst is fine for everyone. But local players always suffer in mid-to-long-range while streams control AKM Recoil in long-range too. That marks a Question mark “?”! How YouTubers control the AKM Recoil in the long-range too? But don’t you even try to worry about it. We are here to help you. Just stay with us.

AKM Stats:

    • Hit damage: 47
    • Type: Assault Rifle
    • Attachments: 3
    • Reload Time: 2.2s

How To Reduce AKM Recoil in PUBG Mobile – Best Tips&Tricks

To Control AKM Recoil you need to have command on below three methods:

AKM Recoil Pattern Image
AKM Recoil Pattern

Sensitivity and Scope:

Look for short rang or Close-quarters combat (CQC) Situation red dot will be a perfect choice but in medium-longe Range, the most preferable scopes are 4x and 6x.

Best Sensitivity Settings for ADS AKM:

Below you need to set your ADS Sensitivity Settings accordingly for AKM:

        • 3rd Person No Scope: 80%.
        • 1st Person No Scope: 80%.
        • Red Dot, Holographic.
        • Aim Assist: 60%.
        • 2x: 60%.
        • 3x: 36%.
        • 4x ACOG Scope.
        • VSS: 20%.
        • 6x: 18%.
        • 8x: 8%.

Drag-Down Method:

Drag down method is the most important method to control the vertical recoil fo the guns. To master this Method you need to drag the free look finger down while spraying on enemies. it is the most difficult method. can be achieved only while practicing.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this article helped you a lot to understand about AKM Recoil. We are looking forward to covering all the guns of PUBG Mobile in the upcoming days. But we also need your thoughts on each article.

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