Best SCAR-L Attachments

PUBG MOBILE TIPS: Best SCAR-L Attachments|2020|

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SCAR-L is the one of best Assault Rifles in Battel Ground. SCAR-L gun became with the rounds of 5.56mm ammo and different attachments which give this gun a better place among all other Assault rifles.

SCAR-L belongs to the assault rifle family which uses 5mm ammo and having two modes of firing, single and fully automatic mode. There are some attachments available for  SCAR-L  gun in pubg mobile which make this gun beautiful for short rang fights.

Best SCAR-L Attachments

SCAR-L has low recoil and has high stability, different attachments for short, medium, and long-range combat during gameplay. where some features make this best but some features of SCAR-L do not beat other assault rifles

SCAR-L Weapon Stats & Tier

In pubg mobile there some assault rifles which are famous for their special and unique qualities SCAR-L has some unique things for example it has more speed firing power than other guns but has low damage in the long and medium range.

The power of SCAR-L  IN pubg mobile is almost 43-55 in different ranges and low recoil than another gun available in the assault rifle category. The fring speed of SCAR-L   in pubg mobile is about 75 out of 100 percent.

SCAR-L Weapon Stats

Best Compatible Attachments SCAR-L 

SCAR-L is compatible with 4 attachments types.

Best Compatible Attachments SCAR-L 

There are some attachments to make this gun special for closed range combat, the firing speed of this gun higher than other families of 5mm guns. The attachments which are used for the closed range are Compensator, or suppressor, Red dot, horizontal, and foregrip attachments.

SCAR-L   is also best gun for medium and long-range for these ranges the best attachments SCAR-L   are the usage of scopes, hand Grips, and muzzles.

Supressor and Compensator

These two muzzle attachments help you to control the recoil and hide your locations from the enemies. where the Compensator used for controlling the recoil of SCAR-L   and suppressor is used for hiding your location from your opponent in the closed range.

Extended Magazine helps you to increase your bullets rounds from 30 to 40 where ordinary SCAR-L   mag contains only 30 rounds.



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