KAR 98 Location In Pubg Mobile

[Latest] Best Location for Find KAR 98 In Pubg Mobile

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Everyone asked this question that where they should find their Sniping gun or kar98 location in PUBG. Don’t worry I am here to tell you the best possible locations for finding KAR 98 gun.  If you like sniping during gameplay than every time you try to find sniper gun and sighted scope at the start of the game but you failed because you are unknown to map locations.

where to find kar98k in Pubg Mobile

As we know that kar98 is the best gun available in pubg game after AWM which only accessible in air supplies but m24 and kar98 are sniping guns that you find in different maps. Kar98 is available in all maps of pubg mobile, and pc. which supported different sighted scopes but give the best performance with 8x and 6x. its damage more than 80% to your enemies’ health.

The best location for kar98 in Erangel  Map

Where in Battleground erangel map is know for is best buildings, locations, and graphical work. Multiple locations are known for best loot in the Erangel map. So let me tell you some secrets of this map where you find the best sniping rifle kar98.

There are possible 3 best locations where you find the kar98 sniping rifle in Erangel map, maybe you are familiar with those locations, the best location where you find kar98 gun that is Military base, Novo, prison, and Gerogopol in Erangel map. You can also find attachments of sniping guns in these locations without facing any difficulty.

best location for kar98 in Erangel  Map

The above image spotted the best landing locations where you find the kar98 gun. To find the sniper gun make sure you are choosing a well-known location to land the above circles show the landing spots for finding different sniper locations.

The best location To find kar98 in  Miramar Map

Where those players who like to play pubg in desert land the best choice for them to play in the Miramar map which is the largest map of the battleground. The Miramar map is known for his best land scap and wide range area which provides an advantage for sniping.

The pubg mobile lovers like to use a sniper in Miramar map where you spot your enemies far away. the best location to find sniper guns in Miramar map is Los Leones, El Pozo, and  San Martine. Also, attachments found in those locations.

kar98 in  Miramar Map

The best location to find kar98 in  Sanhok Map

The beautiful and amazing map of PUBG MOBILE game with bushes and trees which make this map lovely from all other maps in pubg. The bushes and trees provide an advantage to the player where they hide and target their enemies from far away. The best location to find sniper guns in Sanhok, Boot camp, Paradise Resort, and HA Tinh place. These locations have high priority having kar98.

location to find kar98 in  Sanhok

The best Location to Find KAR 98 in Vikendi Map

Vikendi Map designed for a winter theme. which has beautiful hills, and frozen lacks. The total Vikendi map is covered with snow and the weather of this map changes during different seasons and modes. There many places where you find your best sniping gun in the Vikendi map, those locations are Cave  Area, Goroka, Moun Krezic, Podvoste Area, and Peshkova. IN Cave you also find airdrop supplies guns without opening and finding any flair gun.

Location to Find KAR 98 in Vikendi Map


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