Best Attachments For M16A4

[Latest ] PUBG MOBILE TIPS: Best Attachments For M16A4

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However pubg mobile is the best online game for two years, millions of users playing pubg mobile nowadays. As we know that many other assault rifles play an important role during gameplay but here we are introducing you the most favorite gun of the players. M16A4 gun is known for its best single and long-range shots.

M16A4 gun is an assault gun that uses 5. Gauge ammo. M16A4 gunshot your enemy at every long-range without recoil. 4 attachments make this gun best among the other assault rifles in PUBG MOBILE.

Best Attachments For M16A4

Here I am going to tell you some features and specifications of M16A4 gun in pubg mobile, first of all, let’s talk about its firing speed, M16A4 have firing speed of 70 out of 100 its little bit less than M416 but the damage and recoil having less the other guns. More you like to know about M16A4 that it’s having power up to 43, range of shot is 40, and magazine capacity is 30 without extended mag. M16A4 – Weapon Tier is B Grade.

M16A4 Gun in pubg mobile having two modes of use which are single and burst fire burst mode its fires 3 round bullets with high speed, like other AR some attachments loaded with this amazing assault rifle. Let’s talk about these attachments one by one.

M16A4 Weapon Stats & Tier

Best Attachments For M16A4

Compatible Attachments

Best Attachments For M16A4

Scope sight

M16A4 is a gun from the family of assault rifles there for use with different sighted scope make this gun best and amazing for the long-range and short-range fight. M16A4 used with 4x, 6x for long-range recommended by different game steamers but for short-range, it’s used with 3x and red also.

For your conformations just try your self in training mode that which scope is best for which range.

Extended Magazines

There are two types of magazines available in pubg mobile which are Know by  Quick extended and Extend AR. Where Q. mag helps you to reduce the recoil and reload time of gun in combat fight and Extended AR helps you to increase the number of bullets that help you during spray fight.

Compensator & Suppressor

The player wishes to find theses two attachments before they go for a fight with there opponents. These two components give you good position than others. Comensaotor helps you to reduce the recoil and where suppressor attachments help for hiding your location from the enemies in a closed range fight.

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