Best Attachments For Beryl M762

PUBG MOBILE TIPS: Best Attachments For Beryl M762 [Stats & Tier]

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For Beryl, M762 is the automatic and single-shot assault rifle in pubg game series but especially it is the most favorite gun for pubg mobile users. Beryl M762 is an assault rifle using 7.62mm ammo like other 7.62mm guns it also has many attachments.

The main competition is between Beryl M762 and AKM. Everyone tries to find the benefit and specification of both gun and they try to chose which one is best for combat fighting.  As we told you both guns are from the same family and having the same attachments, but some other attachments only attached with Beryl M762 where AKM does not support those attachments.

Best Attachments For Beryl M762
Beryl M762 Gun

Lest show some stats and tier of Beryl M762 which help you chose the best gun during gameplay. Where Beryl M762 is an assault rifle having the power of 47 with a range of 38 out of 100. The recoil of Beryl M762 is much less than other assault rifles it has 40 recoils with firing speed of 80 these two benefits make the Beryl M762 best gun ammo all the other guns present in pubg mobile especially in an assault rifle.

Compatible Attachments Beryl M762
Beryl M762 Attachments

Beryl M762 tier is A-Grade, which is given by different live game streamers, this tier not given it officially by pubg mobile.

Best Compatible Attachments Beryl M762


Best Beryl M762 Attachments
Best Beryl M762 Attachments Image

Some attachments make this gun best and give it a better position among other guns. Beryl M762 is compatible with attachments are Muzzle, Red Dot, horizontal and for grip, and extended mag.

Best attachments for Beryl M762 for Closed Range

Using compensator and extended mag make this gun more attractive and a killer gun during combat but the most and effective thing I am going to tell you that it has one option that makes this gun superior then AKM. Beryl M762 has the option of the part that controls the horizontal and vertical recoil using Thumb Grip, half Grip, and horizontal Grip, these attachments help to control the recoil which gives high damage to your opponents.

Using compensator and flash hider with suppressor make this gun more superior then others using these attachments to hide your location from your enemies during gameplay, hiding your location is the most important part during a game while you attached your opponents and give them high damage without showing your location.

Closed Range Beryl M762 attachments
Closed Range Beryl M762 attachments Image

Best Attachments for Beryl M762 for Long Range

The question asked about a long-range fight without using any sniper gun, so Beryl M762  Is that gun which helps you for a long-range flight, the best attachments for the long-range fight using Beryl M762 in pubg mobile are, Sighted scope, horizontal grip, and extended magazine.

Long Range attachments Beryl M762
Beryl M762 Long Range attachments Image

Sight scope usually are two types one for medium range and other for long-range for medium rage 3x and 4x scopes are the best combinations while for long-range 6x scope is the best option.

Closing Thoughts

Controlling Beryl M762 is hard, but if you master this gun it will not fail you. You can knock your enemy fast and quick. we always try to provide our users with quality articles, this article is also one of them. if you find this article helpful too, try to share your thoughts using the comment box.

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