PUBG MOBILE TIPS: Best AKM Attachments in Pubg Mobile [2020]

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AKM is included in a list of those guns in pubg mobile who have high damage in close range using bullets of 7 gage. Where in assault rifle category AKM is known as killer gun due to his high-speed firing power and high damage to your enemies?

AKM is a versatile gun which used mostly in closed range fighting using attachments to control the recoil but in long-range it has much recoiled then other assault rifles. In a closed range, this gun gives high damage and your enemies have no time to respond.

It contains 7.62 mm ammo in 30 it extends with Q mag up to 40 rounds magazines. As early we told you that is the best and most used gun in pubg mobile for closed range fight with 49 base damage among all the other assault rifles in PUBG MOBILE.  Where you like to fight in long-range you need to change its firing mode at single-mode from the round mode which gives high damage on a single shot in the long-range.

Like other assault rifles, it also has some attachments mostly there are 3 to 4 attachments that help to control and recoil of AKM. The best attachment for AKM in pubg mobile is given below with detailed description and usage.

AKM Weapon Stats & Tier of PUBG Mobile

AKM Weapon Stats & Tier of pubg mobile
AKM Weapon Stats & Tier of pubg mobile

Best AKM – Attachments Setup In Pubg Mobile


Using Sights Scope

M416 Best  Attachments
sights scope PUBG Mobile

As mentioned above that this gun is for short-range its give high recoil in a long-range fight where using scope above then 3x sights scope creates difficulty for the player to control the recoil but below this, it helps the player to fight also in long-range with little recoil. Most of the live streamer suggest Red dot and the holographic attachment for AKM in pubg mobile.

Extended Magazines

M416 Best  Attachments
Extended Magazines Image

When you are fighting with your enemies the most important part of the fight is reload whenever your magazine got empty suddenly during the time there are some attachments that help you to extend the bullets capacity.

Usually AKM gun contains 30 bullets without using any extend mag but Q. EX mag helps you to increase the number fo bullets up to 40 rounds and another attachment is known as quick mag which helps you to reduce the reloading time during combat fight.


Muzzle(Compensator & Suppressor )

M416 Best  Attachments
Compensator & Suppressor

The AKM is well known as for its recoil there for every pubg lover like to use it for spray in automatic mode during a fight with using Compensator and suppressor. where compensator reduces the recoil and suppressor helps to control the voice and recoil, using of suppressor also helps you to hide your location from your opponents during a medium-range fight.


Pubg mobile also plays on emulators available on the internet for more information playing pubg mobile on your pc and laptop visit the given link.

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