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PUBG MOBILE TIPS: Best Attachment for AUG A3 [Stats & Tier]

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AUG A3 is a special gun that gets only from airdrops. Which fire 5.56mm ammo with the two-mode single and fully automatic mode of firing during combat fight. AUG A3 has great performance and light recoil than other assault rifles present in Battel Ground Game.

The background AUG A3 is Austrian assault  Rifle use 5mm ammo with a capacity of 30 rounds without using any extended mag. The capacity of AUG A3  increases up to 40 round bullets using extended magazines. The AUG A3 gun is formally announced 2004 national gun in different nations of the world like Newzealand, Austria, and Ireland.

The AUG A3 is from the family of assault rifles having less recoil and high damage during combat. Some attachments make this gun best from all other assault rifles. This gun is given its best performance using different scope attachments with it. using 6x and 4x for long-range and 3x and Red dot used in the short and medium-range fight. AUG A3 has high damage than other guns like Scar-L and m416.

Where it gives damage maximum 70 percent and having less reload time which gives benefits during short-range spray fight. Take less time to reload make this gun best. There are some attachments like other assault rifles which discussed in detail below. AUG A3 Tier: S where Aug A3 damage is 80% from short range.

AUG A3 Weapon Stats & Tier


Best Compatible Attachments AUG A3

AUG A3 is compatible with 4 attachments types.

For the better control on gun and less recoil during the fight, there are some attachments which help you. Using compensator and suppressor makes this gun more effective. Where advantage of a suppressor is to hide your location from your enemies in a short-range fight.

Best Compatible Attachments AUG A3

Using grips and extended magazines help you to control the recoil and hit on the right target. Red dot use in a short distance, while for the long-distance fight using 6x and 3x scope.

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Pubg mobile also announces different events in every season. Where player gets their Favorite Rewards without spending any money. Getting free skin of AUG AR and other guns pretty simple. Collecting different crate and coupons which gives you chance during the event to get their favorite Aug A3 gun skin completely free of cost. Another way to get Aug A3 skin Free using Redeem codes which available on our website and also you access them on the official Battle Ground website.

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